Jack of all, master of more, Emma brooks McAllister is a powerhouse coming through and making large impact in several area’s. After working with brands including Savage X Fenty, Sherri Hill, Revolve, Pretty Little Thing, Lounge, and moreThe model launched her self-designed clothing line collaboration with Princie Apparel on August 12th. At the young age of 19 Emma is soaring towards the top of her fields in modelling, acting, fashion, and now entertainment with her new upcoming show “50/50”, a mental health focused interview series. Emma sat with HOLR to discuss her journey on being a fashion designer and the launch of her new collection.


What was your introduction into the fashion world?

My first real experience in the fashion industry was in December of 2018. I was preparing to compete for Miss Teen USA and travelled to Austin, TX to design my custom gown with Sherri Hill for the pageant. Once I was there, I was asked to attend market the following April for Sherri Hill and have been working with them ever since.

What made you become a designer?

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a designer just yet, but I am lucky to have a platform with brands that want to collaborate with me and help me express my passion for fashion and creating. It’s been an amazing experience being involved in the design process.

Tell us about being a designer

Working with Princie was fun because they allowed me to have the creative freedom to create a version of their collection that represented me and my taste. It’s also created more excitement for future projects with not only my own brand, but others that I will have the chance to work with.

What is your inspiration behind this collection?

Since this was one of the first brands I started working with since building my platform and have continued working with long term, this collection was really meaningful for me. I already had pieces from Princie that I really loved and ideas that I got from my own closet and taste: patterns, colors, fabrics, etc.

What part of being a designer was unexpected?

The experience itself showed me how creative I can be in the fashion space and gave me a new found interest in learning more about it.

How do you implement sustainability and eco-consciousness into your garments, production, and brand?

I’ll admit I am very new in this space and I am learning more and more everyday about what is ethical and what is not. What I do know is that fast fashion is not the route I ever plan to take, especially when it comes to working with brands and creating my own.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I have been working the last few months to create and develop my own personal brand 50/50. The concept of 50/50 represents how hard it is for me to pick an aesthetic and how split my brain is. 50/50 is a clothing brand, a conversation, and a movement all in one. I can’t wait to finally release it.