Defining your look is something that happens over time. It does not just immediately happen because learning how to define your signature style is a lengthy process of discovery.

As you identify what makes you feel great, what is flattering and what is not and what simply feels like “you”, helps you pinpoint your look.

The thing with discovering your signature style is that once you know it, it frees you from the constant back and forth between what to wear and what to buy as it makes you know immediately if an item of clothing or a particular shoe fits into your style ethos.

By doing this, you have given yourself the ability to sidestep a lot of wardrobe dilemmas by simply being able to articulate yourself in clothing form.

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But it does take a little effort on your part as you have to pay attention to how you felt in particular styles, how certain things looked on you and slowly identifying what made me feel confident. Also, following individuals whose style you admire and look at what it is that they wore was appealing to you as this will help shape your style. 

Here are some key things to consider when you are trying to define your signature style.

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Define Your Style Words:

The best starting point for creating a signature look is to define your desired style using adjectives. What words would you like associated with how you present yourself?

Take time to think about this and write down the words you come up with. Don’t hesitate to look up descriptive words or open the thesaurus to get inspiration. There are also plenty of free quizzes online that will tell you which words are associated with your personality.

These words will create the framework for your signature look. You can use these words to determine whether or not an article of clothing or accessory fits your look.


Get To Know Your Body:

Get to know your body a little better. What challenges and opportunities does it present? Don’t limit yourself based on what society tells you you should wear, but consider what you’re comfortable wearing and what cuts or styles give you the most confidence.

When it comes to creating a signature look, it’s not always about what you wear; it’s about how you wear it. Take Lady Gaga, for example. She wore a variety of unique and outlandish outfits that rarely resembled one another. However, she wore them with confidence and became an icon as a result. 

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Choose a Defining Element:

Within your signature look, there should be one thing that you’re recognized for. It could be a pattern, a style, or even a colour. For some, it might be that they always wear a tie. Others might be recognized for their cat-eye-style eyeliner and red lipstick. It could be your predilection toward black and white stripes or your ever-changing nail polish.

The key thing to remember when choosing a defining element is that it answers a question: “What is this person known for in regards to fashion?” Someone at the office could say, “she’s the one who always wears polka dots,” and the other person would say, “I know exactly who you mean.”

Also, A lot of us subconsciously start a healthy collection of items of clothing that make us feel great and just feel like us. So look at your closet and see what those things are. Is it light denim? Is it midi dresses? Stripey tops? Once you start to see those things, you’ll know that those items will make up the bulk of your signature look.

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Finally, Decide What You Need From Your Wardrobe:

Once you have identified your signature look, it is time to do inventory. Look at your current wardrobe and determine what pieces you need to make your look complete. 

This exercise also creates the opportunity to purge your closet and remove things that don’t fit the look. Send unused items to be donated to charity or passed along to those in need after you get the clothes to replace them.

In the beginning, you may not always be able to invoke your signature look completely. It will take time and money to build up your wardrobe.

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