Casinos are available to adults with varying incomes. Social class and level of income do not play a key role, but gambling companies treat high rollers who come to play for big money especially. Modern gaming clubs combine the functions of a bookmaker and an online casino. For example, on the Pin Up betting platform, you can play exciting slots and place a bet on a sporting event. The choice of markets in Pin Up online is measured in the thousands. Interestingly, high rollers from Canada are also clients of the gaming portal.

Famous high rollers – what are they remembered for?

A high roller is a professional gambler who places bets and risks large sums of money. This class of clients has a unique behavior and playing style. Due to circumstances, high rollers become a real boon for online casinos – they are assigned VIP status. The most attractive games among the gambling “whales” are considered to be poker, roulette, blackjack, and craps.

Phil Ivey

Poker is Ivy’s favorite game. The player is considered one of the best poker players in the history of gambling, but this does not mean that other entertainment does not excite him. Phil tries his hand at games where luck plays a key role. This is an outstanding high roller, famous, among other things, for his tour, during which he visited different continents. Flying from country to country, Phil Ivey bet $100 thousand per bet, which earned him an honorable place in the history of poker. In 2012, the famous player won $12 million in baccarat at one of the London gambling houses.

Archie Karas

The most famous player is considered to be Archie Karas. An immigrant from Greece, Archie moved to North America, where he worked on a cruise ship while learning the ropes of poker. He gained fame in Los Angeles, where Archie gained a reputation as a gambling addict – within a few days, the player won and lost $2 million.

It is curious that after such a fiasco, the player went to the capital of world gambling – Las Vegas, with only $50 in his wallet. The desire to play outweighed the desire to get a job, and in the future, Archie was lucky. Poker, craps, blackjack, and other table and card games brought him huge winnings. In just a few years, from a starting $50, the player managed to increase his capital to $40 million.

Attractive aspects of VIP service in a casino

Few gamblers manage to play big, but most eventually become famous in gambling entertainment. It is not surprising that high rollers are welcomed at the best gambling establishments on the planet, offering various privileges:

  • high cashback;
  • bonuses for making a deposit;
  • personal service;
  • instant (urgent) withdrawal of funds;
  •  personal gifts;
  • particular games and competitions. 

Casinos, including Pin Up Casino Canada, eagerly welcome high rollers, offering them high-quality service and the best rooms in top hotels. This is not surprising since the arrival of a celebrity is not only a high income for the establishment but also advertising.

High rollers are a godsend for land-based and online casinos

Pin Up BET casino always welcomes guests who are ready to bet a large amount on poker, blackjack, or other card and table games. High rollers satisfy their interests, while gambling clubs pursue their goals – maintaining business and advertising.

Published by HOLR Magazine.