When the candles are lit, your mood improves almost instantaneously. On August 11th, Toronto-based candle brand, LOHN, launched its Forage line, a collection of candles, essential oils, and a scent pebble, created using elements from the North American climate. Drawing inspiration from natural resources, LOHN creates a sophisticated line of scents that can be described as clean, yet complex.

Founded by Katerina Juskey and Victoria Mierzwa, LOHN was established in 2018 to create scents that bring you to an alternate time and place. Believing that the journey is the reward, LOHN creates every scent with care and detail, creating unique aromas. All LOHN candles are made with organic coconut and soy wax and are hand-poured in Toronto. LOHN also creates all its candles using vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.

The scents apart of the Forage line are designed to soothe, renew, and rejuvenate. The essential oil diffuser blends apart of this collection come in four different scents; Nord, Sur, Este, Oest. The Nord essential oil’s scent can be described as the great outdoors in a bottle; it is a crisp and woodsy smelling blend. The scent of the Sur essential oil can be described as a combination of scents found at the beach; rosy, sunny bursts of tangerine and sweet ylang-ylang. The Este essential oil’s scent can be described as the blend for your inner flower child, a vibrant and luxurious scent. The Oest essential oil’s scent has a smell that reminds you of a rainbow after the first spring rain, filled with hints of black pepper, rosemary, and sage.

The scent pebble is an exclusive item offered by LOHN that gives you an alternate option to the standard diffuser. With the use of about 5-10 drops of essential oil, the scent pebble allows you to improve the aroma of wherever you wish gently. Launching on September 10th, the forage line’s continuation will be available in the form of candles. The candles apart of the Forage collection will use a vibrant blend of oils derived from black spruce, palmarosa, vetiver, and petitgrain. In line with the Forage collection’s theme, the candles are created using inspiration from the unique forests and coastlines in North America.

LOHN successfully continues to create clean and beautiful scents, that will allow you to be set apart from the crowd and make memorable impressions. Always encouraging its supporters to follow the road less travelled, LOHN proves to be an inspirational force that goes beyond the primary responsibilities of a brand. To learn more about the Forage collection or LOHN, you can visit shoplohn.com.