There is a classic saying, and it goes like this; “If you want nice, get a puppy”. Now, puppies are great and and on the other hand, can be extremely hectic and expensive, but we love them. There are studies showing puppies releasing dopamine, lowering stress, and increasing serotonin levels. As our puppies grow up, we want to protect them the best that we can.

To make sure your fury friend has a safe, fun, loving place to call home, there are some responsibilities that as a dog owner, we must be aware of. Right after the Christmas holidays the local pounds receive the most amount of dogs because many people gift puppies to those who do not understand the responsibility attached. Your fury friend is there to play with, to love, to teach, to watch grow, but there are also heavy financial, medical and insurance aspects of having a pet dog.

Most dogs react differently to practically everything. Ranging from the foods that they eat, the amount of exercise they do, to event the products used by owner in their home environment. There are also many aspects to having a pet that go completely unacknowledged until we have the dog and situation X, Y, and Z pop up. This means we cannot predict what needs our dogs will have, and what it will cost to meet these needs.

For example, most people are not aware of  homeowners insurance dog breed restrictions, until during or after they buy their pet. First and foremost, different dog breeds have different insurance policies, files, and costs. This could seem like basic information, but for others it’s new information. There are certain insurance groups for pet owners that recognize this and aim to create insurance plans applicable for most to all dog breeds. It seems unfair to some insurance companies that people will or won’t purchase a dog based off the cost of the insurance for a specific dog breed. Similar to insurance for cars being dependant on the drivers history, location, etc, different dog breeds have different behaviours that factor into the insurance policies for them. Some insurance companies do aim to keep it equal insurance rates for different dog breeds, but it is not an easy thing to do which is why it’s more difficult to find a company that accommodates. 

Another unexpected but rational form of insurance for dogs is the car insurance. We all know the classic look of a dog sticking their head out of a car window, tongue out, ears flapping, looking like the happiest dog in the world. This is a reality for many people who bring their dog on car rides, adventures, errands, trips, and more. This car insurance coverage for dogs will help protect and cover your fury little family member in the unfortunate case of a car accident or incident. Pet’s cannot be covered in a homeowner insurance policy, so this is the best bet to protect our pets in unpredictable accidents. The most predictable thing about pets is that there will be unpredictable accidents and incidents – that’s okay! That’s part of the fun of having a pet, but it’s important to make sure you, your property, and your fury friend are all covered, protected, and well taken care of!

The most returned gift is often a puppy, because there are so many levels and factors of responsibilities, insurance, and other care policies that come with having a pet that many do not realize to consider. The same as we get insurance when we travel, or go to work, because we are put in a place and doing activities that may cause some harm or financial stress. The same goes for pets, we do not mean this in a negative way. They are living creatures that have adventures, and are learning about the world surrounding them the best that they can. In doing so, there will be incidents that happen. They may get hurt, or cause damage to a property such as a car, garden, or piece of furniture. In fact, it’s highly probable that at some point in their first two years around they will do get into some trouble (nothing too bad, just a little rowdiness). Do not let this discourage you from getting a furry friend. This is what it would be anyways, but now being aware of what is involved, insurance and ownership can be less stressful with a few less surprises.

Before purchasing a pet and receiving a new family member, remember that there are many aspects of a pet’s life that are not initially taken into consideration before purchase. It would be wise to look into the different insurance and coverage plans that would keep your fury friends happy, healthy, and well taken care of.

Published on Holr Magazine