Every corner in your house makes a huge difference in how good and bright your house looks. Most of the time, people usually focus on furniture and believe that the furniture alone can brighten the look of the house. Furniture is indeed important, but walls and floors make a significant impact on how bright your house looks. Here are some fantastic flooring types that will brighten up your living space.


If you’re looking for a type of flooring that requires minimal maintenance then you should go for concrete. Concrete has incomparable durability and functionality. It requires very low maintenance because it only needs to be sealed once a year. Additionally, if you want to enhance the appearance of your concrete floors, a decorative chip system can be applied. This system adds color, texture, and visual interest to the concrete surface, transforming it into a stunning and low-maintenance flooring option that requires only periodic cleaning and resealing for long-lasting beauty. The flooring of this type is also very eco-friendly and is available in many textures and colors.


If your living area is going to be a more natural-looking theme then travertine is a great choice for you. Travertine is known for its composition, presence, and natural coloring. Travertine is a type of limestone that offers a very natural and relaxing color palette that consists of colors like beige, rust, tan, brown, and gold. It is water and moisture resistant and can be very easily replaced. However, this stone is hard to install by yourself, so it’s recommended to get it installed by professionals.


One of the types that are frequently chosen by many people is carpets. Carpets, more specifically wall-to-wall carpeting, are very popular in their many types. There are many styles, patterns, materials, and colors that you can choose from to suit the style you’re going for. It is recommended that you go for a lighter tone and a more simple pattern to give your living area the bright look you’re aiming for. If you consider using carpets, you will greatly benefit from them as they provide insulation in both winter and summer. The main disadvantage of carpets though is that once they get stained, they are hard to clean.


Another commonly used and preferred flooring option is hardwood. Hardwood comes in many types, patterns, and colors, depending on the type of wood you choose to have. You can choose hardwood tones that vary from light to dark, and there are many types of woods that can be chosen depending on your needs. One type of hardwood that is frequently used is engineered hardwood. Speaking of the matter, one of the popular engineered hardwood types is oak timber floors, which consists of a veneer of real oak timber attached to plywood or a composite core board. Any hardwood flooring can be polished and used on its own or you can add small carpets on top if you prefer that style. Hardwood is very easy to clean and is very classic-looking.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are one of the fanciest and popular flooring choices that are highly recommended. People usually choose ceramic tiles in their homes because of their water and stain resistance. There are two options of ceramic tiles to choose from, either glazed or unglazed. The protective glaze is great as it increases the tile’s resistance to water and stains and enables them to withstand high humidity environments. One great benefit of ceramic tiles is the ease of replacing cracked tiles.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are another preferred option that is very much similar to ceramic tiles. The way porcelain is made makes the tiles resistant to scratches and stains. These tiles are very easy to clean and with just a single wipe, you can easily remove dirt and dust. Porcelain is great for anyone looking for beautiful, low-maintenance flooring. One amazing benefit of porcelain is that it’s fireproof and long-lasting.


People who aim for a luxurious and elegant-looking home mostly go for marble. Marble is a very unique flooring option but is not frequently chosen by many people, mainly because of its cost. There are many marble design options to choose from and you can for sure find something that fits your living area aesthetic. The major disadvantages of this material are its requirement for high maintenance and that it’s prone to stains and cracks.


For anyone that is invested in taking care of the environment, the eco-friendly flooring option they can use is bamboo flooring. Bamboo is the perfect flooring material for a modern-looking living room. It significantly adds to your house’s value at resale time, and not to mention that bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource.

A bright flooring, whichever type you choose, will make your living space look a lot wider even if you have dark tones in it in the form of furniture or wall paint. Browse through your options and their color availability before you make a choice. Make sure that you set your mind to a specific living room style and once you have decided which style to go to, you can then choose your flooring option.

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