Farleys East Coffee Oakland Video

A distressing incident unfolded at Farley’s East in Oakland, California, as a Jewish customer faced discrimination and hostility when she complained about antisemitic graffiti in the cafe’s restroom. The woman, identified as a patron of the establishment, was denied access to the facilities despite being a paying customer.

The situation escalated as three employees of the coffee shop blocked her path to the restroom, citing private property rights while simultaneously confirming her status as a customer who had dined at the cafe. The confrontation, captured on video, exposed the disturbing attitude of the workers towards the woman’s legitimate concern.

Farleys East Coffee House Jesse Turner

The exchange took a distressing turn when one of the male staffers, Jesse Turner, rather than addressing her request, diverted the conversation to political rhetoric. “I know Israel loves taking private property and saying it’s their own, but we gotta have…” he remarked, steering the discussion away from the issue at hand.

Jesse Turner has worked at Farley’s East Coffee House since 2017 according to Reuters. After the Incident he posted on his Instagram story, an image of himself and a caption, part of which read “Probably going to lose my job but IDC..”. Jesse Turner has since deleted his Instagram but his handle before was @insertnicknameforjesse.”

Jesse Turner Farleys East Coffee House

Despite her insistence on her right to access the restroom as a paying customer, the employees stood firm, citing their right to refuse service. A neighboring business employee intervened, offering their restroom facilities, but the woman persisted, asserting her right not to be excluded while others were allowed access.

Even more distressing was the revelation that one of the female workers, who was blocking the customer, seemed to condone the antisemitic graffiti, implying agreement with some of the messages scrawled in the restroom. The customer’s persistence finally led to her being allowed entry, albeit under the workers’ watchful eyes.

The distressing ordeal culminated in a request for her to leave, reinforcing the hostile environment she had been subjected to.

The incident highlights a disturbing reality—one where a customer’s legitimate concerns were dismissed, and antisemitic sentiments were not only tolerated but seemingly condoned by some employees of the establishment. The experience serves as a stark reminder of the prevalence of discrimination and the need for heightened awareness and sensitivity toward such issues in public spaces.

Published by HOLR Magazine.