Toronto-based R&B singer and songwriter, Benita, releases her debut EP Scarlet–– inspired by the colour of love, toxicity, and girl power. 

R&B Baddie Benita Debuts EP “Scarlet” Inspired by Love and Toxicity

Photo Credit: Benita / Grass Fed Music

The R&B baddie released her debut EP, Scarlet, which based on the name, was inspired by colours, her alter ego and a strong female Marvel character. In a recent interview with Raydar Magazine, the singer admits to envisioning the colour red while building the project. She also claimed to attribute it to her alter ego, just like Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce. “Scarlet is a woman of strength and power, not afraid to say how she feels but at the same time she has her flaws causing her to be vulnerable,” says Benita. And she is right. The EP evokes a sense of vulnerability brought by Benita’s vocals yet countered with strong lyrics—like a woman who is not afraid of saying her truth. 

A New Refreshed Era

Benita’s talent for singing began when she was only 6 years old, citing Much Music, MTV and Bollywood as her first reference in music. Her recent stint is singing as backup vocals for Daniel Caesar’s 2017 Freudian Tour. Since then, she has released her singles starting with “Anything” in 2018, where she gave us a taste of her heart-wrenching vocals.

It was not until she released “Pretty” in 2021 that she finally saw a refreshing new era. “Pretty,” as an anthem, will make you own your skin. The lyrics, “You can be the baddest if you really wanted to” further gesture Benita’s aspiration to empowerment. The theme of girl power, passion, vulnerability and confidence were evident throughout the 8-track EP. In “RIP” and “Toxic,” Benita sings about taking back her power in a relationship. And as much as you want to scream the lyrics “you made your bed / so lay in it / rest in peace” with Benita, the artist is not afraid in showing a stroke of vulnerability and desire in her lyrics and sound. The songs “Out of Here” and “Bloodflower” highlights a feeling of wanting— a desire to feel love and be loved. In “Bloodflower” specifically, we hear a hopeless romantic Benita with intoxicating vocals that entice you to feel with her. 

R&B Baddie Benita Debuts EP “Scarlet” Inspired by Love and Toxicity

Photo Credit: Benita / Grass Fed Music

Scarlet, An Intimate Trippy Exploration

Scarlet, with its layers of pop, indie and jazz, provides us with the intimacy of what it’s like to be in a relationship (or situationship) that is constantly pushing and pulling. A trippy exploration of finding empowerment amid heartbreak and toxic relationships. Benita confronts her fans on how to be a woman of strength with flaws; how sometimes the strongest are the ones that feel the most. 

Benita’s debut EP, Scarlet, is now available to stream on all major platforms. The official music video for her focus track, “RIP” can be watched HERE

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