How Much Did Gervonta Davis Make Vs Garcia


Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia finally settled their long-awaited clash at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, which took place on Saturday, April 22. The fight was between two undefeated fighters, and it was Gervonta Davis who emerged victorious, knocking out Garcia with a brutal body shot in the seventh round.

What Did Gervonta Davis Make Vs Ryan Garcia

According to a report by sportspayouts, both fighters are set to earn massive sums of money from the catchweight bout. Gervonta Davis, who is the WBA regular lightweight champion, is expected to take home a guaranteed fight purse of $5 million and 50% of the pay-per-view shares, totaling around $10 million. On the other hand, Garcia is set to earn a guaranteed purse of $2.5 million, but his actual payout will be much higher as he is expected to have a 50% stake in the pay-per-view numbers, which could see him earn close to $5 million.

Despite the loss to ‘Tank,’ Garcia still holds an impressive record of 23-1, with notable wins against fighters such as Luke Campbell and Javier Fortuna. Meanwhile, Davis maintains his unbeaten record, with 29 wins and no losses. He has defeated notable names such as Hector Luis Garcia, Rolando Romero, and Isaac Cruz.

The build-up to the fight was filled with heated exchanges between the two fighters, but after the bout, Ryan Garcia took the high road and put an end to the beef. In his post-fight interview, Garcia handled his loss like a professional and expressed nothing but respect for Gervonta Davis, calling him a great fighter.

The long-awaited fight between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia finally took place, and it lived up to the hype. Both fighters stand to earn massive amounts of money, with Davis expected to earn around $10 million and Garcia potentially earning close to $5 million. Despite his loss, Garcia respects his opponent, and both fighters put on an impressive show for boxing fans worldwide.

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