Trends in the fashion industry are overgrowing in today’s modern world. Especially those who need to use fashion are not only human but also transformed into pets.

Pet fashion trends are becoming more influential on the brands that distribute pet fashion. And recently, celebrities even bring pets to events as fashion icons to show off their fashion representation, or pets are used as inspiration to publish innovative products in the fashion world. Notably, Fendi is one of the famous brands that love and are almost at the forefront of pet products. This fashion brand has recently released a collection of luxurious pet travel accessories.

Why Does Fendi Release a Pet Travel Line?

Although people are facing the Covid epidemic, in recent times, countries are rapidly providing vaccines to people to equip and vaccinate against the epidemic carefully. Although people are still dealing with the epidemic, this is also a positive sign that the world has the current solution to fight the epidemic and that traveling is gradually having a glimmer of hope in many people’s minds. And significantly, pet travel has increased and become more popular in the past few years, which is why Fendi released a collection of pet travel accessories.

Created with an exclusive FF logo motif along with the fashion brand’s signature deep brown tones, the collection includes outstanding accessories to suit the pet’s need to equip for any travel anywhere. The product line consists of a dog collar, dog leash, dog coat, and pet carrier. These product lines are made of fabric or nylon with distinctive brown tones from Fendi that make your pet extraordinarily luxurious and stylish when wearing these accessories. Even when not traveling, you can still buy these products to dress your pets.

Product lines range from $290 for a dog collar up to $2,690.00 for a pet carrier. All products available for purchase now at