Venture down to the Southern Hemisphere and fall in love with Chile’s diverse and gorgeous wines. Wines from this region are good for the planet and also good for you. 


In fact, 83% of all wineries exported from Chile are Certified Sustainable so you can feel good about the wine you’re drinking and the people and region you’re supporting. 

If you’re a lover of great-tasting wine offering fantastic value, Chile is a place you’ll love.  Making 74% red wine and 26% white wine Chile grows your favourite grape varietals. From Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, to Cabernet to Pinot Noir and amazing red blends!

Located on the western edge of South America, Chile is an isolated paradise for grape growing. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Andes Mountains to the east, Patagonia ice fields to the south, and the Atacama desert to the north – it’s a truly wondrous and magical place making world-class wines. Home to the world’s largest desert, 2900 volcanoes (500 that are active contributing to unique soils for grape growing) and snow & pure meltwater from the Andes, this place is truly ideal for making world-class wines that are complex, fresh and elegant. 


The illumination of the sun in Chile allows for grapes to grow to full fruit maturation. The Andes mountains and pacific ocean offer cool breezes to keep the grapes growing in comfortable cooler climate growing conditions. This sunlight and cool mediterranean climate give the final wines freshness, structure, and balance. Vines are also planted on higher altitude plots so they need to struggle to find pure water and grow supple and complex berries. 

If you’re looking for something truly special, discover the grape Carmenère. Originally from the Bordeaux region of France,  and unfortunately destroyed by phylloxera (a vine-eating louse that has threatened many European grapevines), the grape made its way to Chile where it truly flourishes!  Without finding a home in Chile, Carmenere would have otherwise gone extinct. A playful and wonderful red grape that was historically used in blends, Chile has given Carmenère a real personality. It’s a red wine that is enticing, floral, fruity, and fresh. 

Here are five reasons Chile is a fabulous region for wines:

Chile is the world’s skinniest Country in the world with a dynamic and premium wine country

Did you know Chile spans three continents (South America, Oceania, and Antarctica), with 2,700 miles of coastline and 110 miles wide east to west the wines are unique, rare, and lovable. 

Chile has a very high proportion of sustainable vineyards 

83% of the wine exported from Chile is sustainably made and has a ‘Certified Sustainable’ logo on its label. This certification is a voluntary tool that looks to incorporate practices based on high social, environmental, and quality standards in vinicultural companies. Look for it on your labels so you can feel good about the wine that is in your glass. 


Chile has the largest concentration of ungrafted vines on earth

Geographic Isolation and strict entry laws help to maintain healthy conditions and protect vineyards against pests and disease. Chile is the ideal place for sustainable wine growing and even dry farming. If you’re a wine geek, this is a very cool fact! 

It has a Rare Mediterranean Climate 

Chile has a Mediterranean climate,  in which rainy winters are followed by long, dry summers– A rare terrestrial environment that makes up just over 2% of the earth’s ecosystems. With wine valleys are aligned from north to south and the terrain varies more from east to west. Key wine-producing areas are located 27 to 41 degrees latitude north to south. With a low Low annual average rainfall (ranges 0” – 50”). Rains predominantly in the winter. While Chile is a long country, many of the geographical influences for grape production are influenced by its narrow width of only 100 miles wide.

Get to know Chile’s signature red grape – Carmenere!

Carmenere is Chile’s Signature grape variety. A case of mistaken identity saved this grape from extinction. It was thought to be Merlot but further studies revealed it was Carmenere. A light-bodied wine, with juicy plum and black cherry coupled with unique savory flavors of black pepper and baking spice.

During February 2022 there are many wines from Chile on sale – so be sure to stock up. You can find more information here. 

Below are a few to look out for. 


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