As glorious as the capital is in the summer – all nine million of us Londoners making a beeline for the nearest beer garden, green space, or rooftop bar – the sheer volume of revellers thronging the city can occasionally leave you feeling a bit claustrophobic.

Planning a quick getaway soon? We found some of the most beautiful places to visit by train from London. All of these places can be reached in a couple of by train, so you won’t waste any time that you could spend relaxing at your destination. 


This pretty university town is not far from London. By train you can reach the town which lies by the river cam in about an hour. Cambridge offers many interesting museums, a great choice of restaurants and many shops that make this a perfect place to visit on a weekend. 

Distance by train: approx. 1 hour

Bath, Somerset

This city in Somerset lies southeast of Bristol and is known for its Roman baths which it got its name from. Bath is perfect if you enjoy spa retreats and thermae baths and it is also very family-friendly. There are plenty of things to do here. The beautiful art galleries and outstanding architecture make this a special place. 

Distance by train: approx. 3 hours


A trip to the beach might still be the best reason to plan a short trip from London to Brighton. Brighton is not only relatively close to London, but it also has some great nightlife and is even considered the ‘green capital of Britain’, if nature reserves are your thing. Colourful, pretty houses and shops make spending time in this city fun and inspiring. 

Distance by train: approx. 2 hours

Stonehenge, Salisbury

The mysterious site Stonehenge may have been used for pagan worship or another purpose but no matter why it was built, Stonehenge remains one of the most fascinating places in the UK. Luckily, it is not very far from London. In summer, music festivals make Stonehenge a fun experience but it can of course also be visited at other times during the year

Distance by train: approx. 2 hours

If are visiting London, continuing your travel to any of the places mentioned can be a perfect way to explore England and the UK. Traveling by train makes it easy to reach many interesting destinations in just a few hours from London. 

 Published on Holr Magazine