Hawaii is a beautiful place, but it’s not as simple as just packing your bags and heading off. In fact, there are many things you need to consider before you go on a trip here-which islands do you want to visit? What type of climate do you prefer? Do you want active vacations or would rather relax on the beach? This article will answer all your questions so that your visit can be as stress-free as possible!

What to pack 

When going to Hawaii, you should pack accordingly. If you want to plan an active trip, then bring the equipment and clothing that will allow you to do so. Also, take into consideration the mid-year weather changes!

If you’re bringing hiking shoes, make sure they are appropriate for the lava rocks found on some of our mountains there. You should bring a swimsuit even if your primary vacation choices are relaxing on the beach because you never know when you will be invited to a luau!

And lastly don’t forget a camera or a phone with good battery life, because there is no place like Hawaii anywhere else in the world, and capturing these moments will be important to you later. 


Learn the lingo

One way to avoid getting confused when in Hawaii is to learn some basic Hawaiian Lingo. For example, Hawaiian for brother is “brah,” while Hawaiian for sister is “sistah.” Learning Hawaiian Lingo will give you an edge over the locals there. If you know basic expressions, it can’t hurt to ask some questions when in doubt. For example, “e komo mai” means welcome. It’s also useful to know that “aloha” is used for hello and goodbye.


Know the right time to go

One of the first things everyone asks is “when should I go to Hawaii?” Well, it depends. All islands are not alike. If you’re looking for tropical weather at the peak of summer then head over to the big island of Kauai during July or August. However, if you want cool temperatures and humidity you’ll probably want to head over to Molokai or Lanai since they’re both high up in mountains.


Learn about your lodging options

Hawaii has so many options when it comes to where you can stay on the islands. Whether you want an active vacation with hiking and swimming, or beachy relaxation there is a place waiting for you! There are luxury resorts offering magnificent views but these places come at a steep price average of $400+ per night. For a cheaper option, you could rent a condo and cook your own meals. Or you could stay at an AirBnB which offers cheap options of $100 per night or less depending on where you want to be. There’s also traditional camping if that’s what you’re into.


Learn About The History And Culture

Before you go to Hawaii, you should learn about the culture and the history! There are so many interesting things to learn such as how there were 8 different kingdoms before the United States annexed in 1898. The Hawaiian flag contains eight stripes that represent each kingdom.

Furthermore, there is also a lot of native Hawaiian culture you can learn about! There is hula dancing, which used to be reserved for the royal family. It’s a fun, traditional dance that can be seen in movies or at local shows. You should also visit Iolani Palace to learn about Hawaii’s monarchy! King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani had some very interesting stories.


Getting around the islands 

Seeing the islands is an amazing experience, but getting around them might not be as straightforward as you think. Buses are cheap and work for short distances, but they’re not the easiest way to explore the larger islands. Rental cars are expensive and hard to come by, so you should reserve them well in advance. If you’re not too worried about how much it costs to get around, be aware that there are some hidden expenses. 

There are several airports across each island, so it’s important to know what regions are near where you’ll be staying. With so many different airports and destinations, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with planning which airport you’ll use for your trip. That’s why it’s vital to make the research stage easier by finding out where your hotel is exactly and what kind of activities you want to do. 

If you’re planning to travel to Hawaii, don’t worry because there is something there for everybody! Whether you like hiking through mountains, swimming in waterfalls, snorkeling through coral reefs, kayaking down rivers, or lounging on the beach-they’ve got it all. So get packing and start saving up because this amazing place is waiting for you!

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