With the concerns of climate change and sustainability being relevant, now more than ever, Fjällräven demonstrates what it means to be a leader in a movement that concerns everyone by announcing that all new products in their Spring/Summer 2020 lines, will be made using environmentally friendly materials. 

While Fjällräven has traditionally concentrated on creating activewear for the Scandinavian climate, its place of origin, the brand decided to take a different approach this season. With warmer weather conditions and summer nearing, Fjällräven has chosen to focus on designing their Summer/Spring collection for warmer climates, a territory that previously had been considered unchartered by the brand. Still placing importance on sustainability, Fjällräven has also made sure that all new products are made using lightweight materials, designed to ensure the comfortability of users while taking part in their outdoor adventures. 

The leader in sustainable fashion announces a new activewear line; Abisko Midsummer, as well as additions made to consumer favourites; The Bergtagen, High Coast, and Kånken lines. All new products by the brand feature practical components, using ethically sourced materials of which create long-lasting products, furthering the mission that is the fuel behind the brand. 

Products introduced under the Abisko Midsummer line will be geared towards individuals who are passionate about hiking, and will vary based on the level of altitude one is adventuring in. Highlights of this line include the use of recycled polyester and organic cotton while creating activewear that provides ventilation.

Bergtagen is Fjällräven’s line of activewear that caters to those who are extremely serious about adventuring, mountain climbers. The brand’s devotion to providing effective, long-lasting products for this group of clientele is demonstrated through the lengthy testing process products go through to ensure that every detail is considered when creating a product for this line. A mountain guide and member of the brand’s test team, Magnus Strand, describes the line as; “simple and the details are excellent. We don’t want lots of unnecessary details weighing us down and complicating matters,” proving that this line is qualified for the most serious adventurers. 

Created with keeping in mind those who enjoy the city life, the High Coast collection is compiled of products that allow wearers to appreciate an active lifestyle while living in the city. Additions to this line include a newly designed jacket, trousers, and dress, all created with lightweight material, perfect for urban citizens who enjoy an active lifestyle while on the go. When developing new products for this line, Fjällräven emphasized classic styles, ultimately creating long-lasting products that are unlikely to go out of style.

And of course last, but most definitely not least, the famous Kånken backpack is joined by two new additions to its family this season; the Totepack and the Hip Pack. Similar to the bag that started it all, the Totepack and Hip Pack are both made using durable fabrics and use a compact design perfect for multi-usage purposes, producing a long-lasting product. These two new additions further establish the brand’s fox emblem as a symbolic representation of the brand’s contribution to everyday fashion and the iconic role it has played in pop culture. 

As we all try to navigate these turbulent times, one thing remains clear; those who can adapt to the foreseeable future, are the ones who will succeed. Through the development of innovative designs and usage of sustainable materials and methods of production, Fjällräven proves that it is possible for major brands to flourish in the changing environment we are living in today.