Spring is, inarguably, among the best seasons to really flaunt your personal style, because the temperature allows for ultimate comfort — no matter what you’re wearing.

Whether you want to add another layer or show off some skin, the indecisive climate works infinitely in your favour. Waiting for friendlier weather that accommodates the full spectrum of a wardrobe often feels like an endless journey, so as we move away from the frigid degrees of our beloved Canadian winter — and before we step into sweltering heat — here are four online brands to help you jumpstart your new season style.

Missy Empire

The transition of your winter closet to fresh spring outfits should start with a brand that has all the trends you’ve been desirously eyeballing on over the last couple of months. Missy Empire, the answer to all your wants and needs, is a stylish European boutique created by two brothers (Ash and Ish Siddique) who focus on dressing women who are unafraid of boldly showcasing their personalities through their clothing. Missy Empire‘s latest collection has a modern (and glamorous) twist on the classic 1970s — and what says spring more than flowery trousers and halter tops?


If you’re a sucker for a good #GirlBoss story where thrift diving becomes a full-fledged empire, then you’ll certainly enjoy the essence, and garments, from TBSLUXCLO. Like “Nasty Gal” Sophia Amoruso, prior to TBSLUXCLO (formally known as The Bottoms Shop), the brand journey began with a young woman buying up eye-catching pieces from thrift stores to later resell them. Unfortunately, as might have been forecasted by a glance at the legacy of vintage reselling, the secondhand fashion fairytale swiftly came to an end. But the owner of this brand picked herself up by her bootstraps – or rather, her bodycon dress – and refused to watch her empire crumble. Next time you’re scrolling through TBSLUXCLO for your next brunch outfit, keep in mind they’re all about making your affordable attire look like a thousand bucks.


Every now and then, we want to keep our style effortless and easygoing without ever missing a trendy beat (you probably know the feeling). If you ever want to rein it in to keep it casual and sophisticated, check out Tobi’s apparel. Recognized as @ShopTobi on the web, this international boutique has been merging the signature West Coast style with its laid-back demeanor since 2007. With jumpsuits, crop tops, sequin dresses (and more), the Los Angeles shop aims to inspire young women to be the best version of themselves (in the latest Californian fashion).

Réalisation Par

Réalisation Par is an Australian-based clothing brand that seeks to offer garments we feel are missing from our wardrobes. Unlike most labels, Réalisation Par consciously designs dainty pieces intended to be unique additions to your personal style. The brand debuted in 2015 by “it” girls Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot, and with only 18 styles and prices under $250 – if you want to be a Réalisation Par girl, you can head to their website and browse a tender selection of dresses, tops and skirts. The boutique’s seasonal prints are its staple — there will never be a dull moment in these clothes.

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