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Michelle, Founder of Avery Swimwear

Meet Michelle- the founder behind Avery Swimwear. Avery’s mission is to create high-quality eco-friendly swimwear that helps women of all sizes-especially those that are smaller chested- feel confident and beautiful through the usage of unique materials while being size-inclusive.

Today, HOLR is chatting with Michelle about all things Avery Swimwear. From how she started the brand, to how she pioneered the first-ever sustainable swimwear made from vegan leather. We also dive into the brand’s latest collection and what the future holds for Avery.

Keep reading to learn all about Avery. We’re breaking down how it empowers your every day with its unique and sustainable materials and collections.

avery swimwear

Tell us about yourself and how you founded Avery Swimwear.

I’m Michelle and I founded Avery in the summer of 2021. Having come from a fashion design background, creating my own swimwear line has been something I’ve always dreamed about. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit that I was able to bring these ideas to life. What was probably the strangest time in our lives, ended up being a very creative time for me to reconnect and create.

Having been petite my whole life, I would struggle to find pieces that flattered my body. However, there was something that always made me feel completely empowered in and that was a well-fitted bikini. Swimwear should be made to be an extension of your personal style and with Avery, the pieces are versatile enough for every day while still making a bold statement. They are designed to be elevated classics that give a unique take on the modern-day bikini.

Drawing inspiration from summers spent in New York City to the stunning pastel colours seen during sunset, Avery plays on relatable themes such as nostalgia with a touch of whimsy. Not only did I want to help women feel confident in their swimwear but I designed the pieces to be a reminder of strength and happiness – something we all needed after these two long years.

avery swimwear

As a sustainably-focused brand, how do eco-friendly practices play a role in production and design? 

When bringing Avery to life, we made sure to work with manufacturers that offer eco-friendly options in all aspects of the design process. Our suits are not only made with 100% recycled ocean waste but we give back by donating $1 from each suit made to grassroots foundations in Bali. We support zero-waste organizations that aim to reduce and reuse items such as fishing nets, plastic bottles, and fabric scraps into wearable garments.

As well, we package all our orders in compostable mailers. Plus, we use thank you cards made from recycled materials to help minimize plastic waste. Our mission is to be a little kinder on the planet by sourcing eco-friendly practices every step of the way. It’s very important to us that we aim for full sustainability as we grow.

Talk to us about the newest drop – the Amethyst Collection.

The Amethyst Collection is comprised of five new looks. They’ve been designed to be the perfect balance between feminine and edgy. For what can only be described as the edgier sister to our debut collection – the Memories Collection – it has a similar pastel color palette but with a bolder look. The vegan leather used in the designs, especially, adds the perfect contrast to the classic cuts.

What inspired me the most to create this collection was the eclectic nature of the big city. There’s irresistible energy in the city of New York that our pieces are made with the same kind of fearlessness. As well, although the styles are edgier for this collection, there’s still a softness intertwined with each piece. This is meant to speak to how we are as women: feminine and soft while being just as bold and strong.

avery swimwear

Avery Swimwear created the first-ever sustainable swimwear made with vegan leather. Talk to us about how this versatile design is both empowering and chic.

When discovering vegan leather for our swimwear – that’s made to be completely waterproof – we knew Avery was born. It’s such a versatile fabric to work with, as streetwear heavily inspires our styles. As a result, it created the perfect bridge to fuse both together. In turn, we’ve used vegan leather throughout the collection not only because of its bold nature but because of how empowering it is to wear. This especially speaks to women who may not have the most confidence while wearing a bikini.

One of my goals when designing this collection was to create versatile pieces that you can wear from day to night, whether it be at the beach, for going out, or for a chic affair. It’s undeniable that people love styling leather pieces together and with swimwear made with vegan leather, you get the best of both worlds. Undoubtedly, leather has a way of making every woman feel like she can take on the world. For this reason, we knew it was time to incorporate it into beachwear as well.

How does Avery Swimwear promote body positivity through its size-inclusive range and designs?

As a smaller woman going bikini shopping, I found that a lot of brands surprisingly didn’t offer sizes from extra small. Many also came unpadded. At times, I would love the style of a bikini but it wouldn’t look flattering on a small-chested woman like myself. Since this was a reoccurring issue for me, I was sure other women also struggled to find suits that made them feel good about their bodies as well.

My vision is to empower smaller women with the ultimate message that all sizes are beautiful. At Avery, our size range starts from x-small and goes all the way up to x-large. This is because we believe swimwear should be inclusive of all body types and sizes. The tops also come with removable padding options for extra coverage or you can wear them as is. The brand is all about embracing your own body. This is why many of the bottoms come in a cheeky cut as well.

avery swimwear

What does the future hold for Avery Swimwear in terms of whats next? What can consumers expect?

This is just the beginning for Avery. We plan on adding more styles and a range of sustainable fabrics as we continue to grow. You can expect to see suits that are feminine and unique yet timeless in design. Not only do we plan on creating something different for the everyday woman but we want to maintain the versatility in each piece.

In time, we hope to experiment with more unique textures and continue to make every piece feel one-of-a-kind. All the while staying body positive. As well, as not sacrificing quality along the way. It’s been such an exciting time seeing our first collections come to life. We have so many more edgy swimwear looks to come that we cannot wait to see where this takes us!

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