Find out how to better prepare for your next summer destination. Learn of the most often forgotten items when preparing to travel. 

Jacket (or Umbrella) + Warm Clothes

Easily number 1 on our list, packing a jacket (or umbrella) and some warm clothes is often the most forgotten item and the one we miss the most when things don’t pan out with perfect sunshine. Whether we like it or not, the weather can be fairly unpredictable, and even in warm tropical places, it can get far colder and wetter than we prepared for. Packing something to keep you dry and warm as an emergency can save an entire day of misery and possibly an entire trip. Packing a travel-size umbrella is a very space-efficient item that is well worth the just-in-case scenario.

Mosquito Repellent & Sunscreen

Often when we look back, we remember things to be more positive than they really are and tend to forget the little nuisances at the time. This can mean forgetting to pack mosquito repellent & sunscreen as it normally isn’t on our minds. We tend to forget it when it comes to planning. Any summer-themed destination will almost certainly have blaring hot sun and mosquitos galore. 

Snacks & Water

Traveling can often have an unexpected turn of events and can be longer than expected. However we may travel, food is a necessity we cannot avoid. It’s best to pack some highly filling foods like dried meat or nuts for any journey longer than an hour. We often forget to bring food and water when traveling as it is commonly so readily available to us at home. It’s best not to damper the mood of a trip on the first day by forgetting to have emergency snacks and water so make sure you pack some.

Picnic blanket

Practically never necessary, but often missed once there. Picnics often perfectly summarize the idea of being outdoors and enjoying the summer air. Most trips offer numerous opportunities to have a delightful picnic and it’s always best to have those options available should the want arise. This can double as a nice blanket for the ride over and if it ever gets a little cold while you are there. Picnic blankets can serve a multitude of roles while on vacation which often enhances the overall experience of any summer destination.


Last on our list is a bunch of different toiletries. Believe it or not, toiletries constantly rank among the most forgotten items when traveling. Luckily most vacation destinations have toiletries there, though usually not the same we’re used to. It’s best to plan thoroughly ahead when packing toiletries including period products, and other essentials like combs, q-tips, and deodorant. Face cleansers place especially high on this list as you will likely be sweating while at a summer destination and participating in outdoor activities, it’s important to clean your face at the end of each day and not come back from vacation with a face full of pimples.

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