Sunny skies, warm weather and fun outdoor activities — this is what makes the summertime many people’s favourite season. Do you love the summer and wish it lasted all year long? We picked the top 4 places you should consider travelling to if you want an eternal summer.

All four locations boast a year-round sunny climate of warm weather averaging in the mid to high twenties. With English as an official language in each location, here are the best locations to experience a tropical summer paradise:

Darwin, Australia

Darwin is the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory and is the culmination of southeast Asian, Aboriginal and Australian culture. This is reflected in their extraordinary cuisine, featuring crocodiles in many of their dishes. The average meal is priced at $18, and the total daily cost averages at $130. Beyond their amazing beaches, Darwin’s also offers interesting wildlife and the experience of a unique mash of culture. With its extraordinary lifestyle, Darwin stands out as a top pick for life eternally under the sun.

Honolulu, United States

Honolulu, Hawaii makes the list for one of the best summer paradises because of the relaxed nature of the city. The low-stress island lifestyle gives Hawaiians a healthy attitude on life that is truly admirable. With a mix of your standard American diet and the pacific islander diet, they offer a variety of food. Honolulu also has access to fun outdoor activities with spectacular views anywhere you are — the whole island becomes your backyard in this paradise! With the average meal costing $17, with an expected total of $269 per day, Honolulu supports a modern yet relaxed experience.

Bridgetown, Barbados

This Caribbean destination has a lot to offer — with the mix of African, Portuguese, Indian, Irish, Creole and British influence, the cuisine here is as varied as they come! With a very relaxed island lifestyle, Bridgetown is also known to hold vibrant festivals throughout the year. With the average meal costing $31, totalling $367 per day, Bridgetown offers an experience filled with relaxing days and great cuisine.

Port Louis, Mauritius

The island of Mauritius was uninhabited until modern history, making it one of the only places on earth with limited human influence. This leaves the flora and fauna of the island truly spectacular! With rich biodiversity unique to the island, there is a bunch to explore on the coast and the mountainous interior. Having influences from France, the United Kingdom, East Africa, India and China, the culture and food of the island provide a truly magical experience. The average meal is priced at $4 and the total daily cost (without accommodations) averages around $25! To top it off, Port Louis is safer than most American cities – and offers a truly relaxed feel to anyone on the island, rated the highest quality of life in Africa and the 83rd best city to live in the world.