HOLR is breaking down the latest updates in the Fox News Dominion Settlement.

According to this article, Dominion Voting Systems and Fox have reached a settlement in regard to the $1.6B defamation lawsuit. Dominion sued both Fox News and Fox Corporation, accusing Fox of libel. This is because the network reportedly continued to air false claims about the brand’s machines and software had switched votes to Biden- suggesting alleged fraud occurred during the 2020 election.

Dominion subsequently sued both Fox News and its parent, Fox Corp.

Fox News Settles Defamation Lawsuit

Dominion originally sued in 2021 as noted here. Now, it has been confirmed by multiple news sources that Fox Corp and Fox News have resolved the defamation lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems.

In the latest updates surrounding the case, the attorney representing Dominion Voting Systems said this settlement symbolizes “a ringing endorsement for truth and accountability.” According to this article, this settlement prevented a trial “in a case that exposed how the top-rated network chased viewers” in encouraging lies about the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Fox News Settlement 

According to this article, Fox Corp and Fox News officially reached a $787.5-million US settlement in the case, as announced today.

Fox News Revenue 2022

According to this piece, the annual revenue for Fox in 2022 was $13.974B.

Dominion Voting Systems Net Worth

According to this piece, Dominion Voting Systems’ annual net worth is reportedly $17.5 Million.

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