HOLR is trying the FullyVital hair system to see if it’s really worth the hype.

Say hello to game-changing hair care! FullyVital’s revolutionary hair system is the key to thicker, fuller, and longer hair thanks to a combination of products that work together to stimulate hair follicles and boost hair growth. The system is easy and effective to use yet delivers incredible results when it comes to ensuring hair is brought to its healthiest state. As a result, HOLR put FullyVital’s hair care system to the test IRL (in real life) to see if it lives up to the hype- so keep reading to learn about my honest thoughts!

FullyVital Hair Growth System

This powerful, vegan hair growth system is the start of your luscious hair journey. This is because the products that make up this revolutionary system are specially crafted and formulated to work together to boost hair growth and help balance hormones, promoting the look and feel of healthier hair from the inside, out. The best part? FullyVital offers fast results you can actually see! This Dermatologist-approved brand claims fuller, thicker hair in just 2.5 months, so no more waiting around. It’s the hairy-tale ending you’ve always dreamed of.


Since FullyVital targets the root causes of hair issues, it’s formulated to address hair thinning without the use of chemicals, drugs, or hormones. As well, the brand proudly offers clean, 100% natural, and vegan products. When it comes to credibility, FullyVital also consults with hair loss experts from all over the world to ensure the brand’s science-backed formulas ensure the ideal hair growth. In terms of innovation, the brand’s founder, Faraz Khan, also interviews world leaders in the health and wellness space while continually evolving the brand’s approach to hair care and growth. Khan is an anti-aging and hair expert who is passionate about targeting hair issues and is committed to sharing FullyVital’s natural solution to hair thinning with the world. Also present on FullyVital’s team and medical advisory board is Dr. Sandra Kaufmann, who is a recognized leader in anti-aging and longevity and is well-versed in the topic of aging. 

Fully Vital Hair Growth Reviews

The reviews say it all. On the brand’s website, verified buyers have praised the system claiming that they’ve seen noticeable improvements and hair regrowth resulting in thicker, fuller, and healthier, locks. The photos showcase the product’s amazing results as buyers demonstrate how much their hair has grown and filled out once they integrate the system into their hair care routine. In comparison to other products on the market, Fully Vital is the top contender when it comes to addressing hair care concerns. The brand’s fast yet effective system stimulates follicles in 4 ways and works from the inside, out to achieve fantastic results that other serums, shampoos, and supplements just can’t generate. As a result, this is HOLR’s number-one pick when it comes to promoting hair growth as well as thicker, fuller, and longer locks. You can check out Fully Vital hair growth reviews here.

HOLR’s Honest Review: FullyVital Hair Growth System

HOLR had the opportunity to try out some products that are part of the brand’s full hair care system first-hand and- trust us- they did not disappoint. FullyVital

What I initially loved about the system was how everything I needed came conveniently packaged. Everything you need to start your hair journey is in one place and the products are designed to work in harmony with one another to achieve fast, effective results. I was also happy to hear that FullyVital works for all hair types. I have naturally straight/wavy hair so I was excited to test out an inclusive brand that caters to all hair types.

The one-month growth bundle I received from FullyVital included a pack of 120 Fully Vital Enhance Hair Dietary Supplements designed to support fuller, thicker, healthier hair. It also came with the Fully Vital Enhance Hair Serum which helps nourish the scalp for healthy hair growth, as well as a Bamboo Hair Brush and a Gold Dermaroller. I immediately got to work by following the steps outlined on the website:

  • Take the supplement twice a day with meals. The ingredients in this product are formulated to help balance hormones, lower stressors, fight inflammation, provide nutrition, support thyroid, and increase energy. 
  • Brush your scalp vigorously 100 times every evening, then apply the serum. Do not wash out. The serum features ingredients that work to balance hormones, reduce thinning, promote regrowth, and nourish the scalp.
  • Use roller twice per week in thinning areas.


It’s also great to know that once the product is purchased, detailed instructions are also sent to your email to aid with additional support if needed.

Overall, I loved how easy it was to incorporate these products into my everyday routine. Taking the supplement was an easy integration during meals, and taking a few minutes every evening to brush my scalp and apply the serum ended up becoming a relaxing nightly ritual. I also loved how the kit included a dermaroller that I could use to address any thinning areas because it was easy for me to take control of my haircare journey. 


My hair feels stronger and thicker already!

After using all of the products together for a few weeks, I haven’t seen super dramatic results just yet, but I’ve already noticed that my hair feels stronger and appears thicker- which I love! I’ve always hoped to add more volume to my hair and I know FullyVital will be the key to making my hair more luscious and voluminous in the weeks to come. I also understand that FullyVital supports the claim that it takes at least 2.5 months of using their products for hair growth consistently to see results, so I’m looking forward to continuing to use the products in order to witness additional progress. This is why I can support and recommend the brand- because it offers a 4-month money-back guarantee in order for consumers to try and use their products, so you can see real results within a real-time frame.


I can’t wait to continue using the system to increase my hair’s natural volume!

Be sure to check out FullyVital’s brand website here for more information and to shop HOLR’s go-to hair care system.

Published by HOLR Magazine.