Here are the top stylish and beautiful hair accessories to wear and combine with clothes this summer.

Summer fashion does not just stop at clothes; ladies also need to pay attention to styling their hair with eye-catching hair accessories. Hair accessories will help you become more chic than ever. This article will suggest 5 must-have trendy hair accessories to wear this summer.


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Scrunchie is a type of hairband that is covered with fabric. Scrunchies are usually large and puffy, like a flower. This hair accessory has been in since the 80s but has returned back and better!

Scrunchies come in many colours, from sweet pastel to gentle floral motifs and extremely luxurious silk fabrics. Therefore, scrunchie hair bands can be easily combined with clothes. Scrunchies are also used as bracelets to make women’s fashion styles stand out more. It can be said that this is a must-have accessory for this summer.


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Summer will become even more stylish when you mix it up with colorful patterned bandanas. Some popular styles with these bandanas are folding them to make headbands. Or you can also use one to tie  your hair halfway back, securing it by tying knot or bow. 

Claw Clip:

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This is an accessory that is always trendy at all times and highly convenient. This clip has extreme durability with plastic, metal, or acrylic material to help you keep your hair bouncy all day without worrying about tangles, bending. This hairpin also comes in various colors and textures so you can match it with your clothes.

Pearl Clip:

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Hairpins are a trendy accessory for women because of their sparkle and femininity. Especially in the past few years, hairpins with pearls have become a go-to accessory to elevate a look. Pearl beads have long been one of the highlights of women’s jewelry and accessories. Therefore, you should buy a hairpin to compliment your outfit. 

Bow Hairpin:

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Hair bows are always an adorable and feminine accessory. Colorful and stylish bows made from various materials such as fabric, lace, or silk are suitable for girls who like vintage and retro styles. You can clip a bow of any size to the back hair or half of the hair to create a cute style