Having that big blank wall in your home can certainly give you a headache. There are so many possibilities when it comes to decorating it, but you still can’t decide what to do with it. It can get overwhelming decorating the walls in your home, but there are some genius things you might not have thought of yet. To help you out, here are some amazing ideas of what to do with that blank wall. 

Statement Wall Art for the Living Room

Large wall art that makes a statement is a perfect idea for a living room if you have tall ceilings. That blank wall behind your sofa is not going to be a problem for you, you just have to pick some statement art. Look for oversized art that speaks to you and that fits in nicely with the rest of the decor. It can be an abstract piece, an image of your favorite plant, or anything you like, just make sure it is to scale and that it fits the size of your wall. 

Cute Gallery Wall for Any Room

Gallery walls can go to any room. If you have a blank wall on the staircase, in the hall, or in any other room, you can fill it with nicely organized frames with your favorite pieces. You can pick a theme for these images, or don’t, it’s up to you. You can even opt for some custom-made posters that you can find here and turn that wall into a wall of maps of all the cities you’ve traveled to. Another idea is painting smaller paintings yourself and arranging them into a colorful gallery wall. Just make or pick what makes you happy and play around with shapes and sizes of frames to complete your gallery wall. 

A Built-In Bookshelf

All of you who love to read certainly have trouble finding enough place for your books. A built-in bookshelf on that blank wall can certainly solve two problems – book storage and wall decor. These built-in bookshelves made entirely inside the wall can look amazing in any room. Plus, you now have space for all the books. And if you’d like to keep the design simple, you can wrap all the books in nice neutral paper, or face the pages out instead of the spines to include more white into the decor. 

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

If you are trying to figure out how to introduce more light into the room, consider mirrors. You can find smaller mirrors of the same size and simply arrange them on the wall to create a perfect mirror wall. This both fills that blank wall you don’t like, and reflects light, making the room brighter and visually bigger. And if you don’t want to organize the mirrors symmetrically, you can create a gallery wall with mirrors and have each framed in a fun frame to make a statement. 

Map of the World

If you like traveling, then a huge map of the world will look amazing on that blank wall. You can even get one of those scratch maps where you can scratch out each country you’ve visited. Additionally, you can even try and find some old-looking maps of the world if you want to bring out a bit of the personality of that wall and make the room minimalistic and fun. 

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Sparse Shelves

These little shelves can look amazing on that blank wall in the dining room. You can make several short shelves and space them out however you want on the wall. Then, simply use them to display your favorite drinks, fancy glasses, and place or anything else you may use in the dining room. 

As you can see, that blank wall doesn’t have to stay blank. There is so much you can do to it. You can use it as a place for your favorite wall art, shelves for your books and knickknacks and so much more. Just be a little creative. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.