A perfect date constitutes of many moving parts on your side

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Not everyone meets their special person in school or at the store. Some people spend a significant part of their life in the dating pool, whether offline or online. But how do you work through the scary crowds to your special someone? Dating rules might be more relaxed than they were a half-century ago, but that does take off all the pressure associated with it.

It’s true, you might have to kiss a few frogs on the way, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun or at least learn a few things.

We’re not going to lie; dating might be an uphill task that frustrates you. Nevertheless, there are certain tips and tricks that will help you up your game, thus bringing you close to your happiness ever after.

Here are several dating tips for men that will greatly improve the odds of finding the perfect match.

1. Get Out There

It’s impossible to meet your special someone if you’re unwilling to meet and interact with people.

Whether you’re struggling with shyness and social anxiety or you’ve had your heart broken before, you have to find a way to meet new people and expand your social circles.

Yes, dating is nerve-wracking and mentally exhausting, so try to meet people more friendly and relaxedly. For instance, join book clubs, the gym, a wine club, or a volunteer program. These interactions allow you to boost your confidence and overall conversation skills.

Make a point of meeting people both offline and online, and a combination of both. Some find it easier to connect with people online, while others prefer the old-fashioned ways. However, you can always meet your online friends once in a while.

2. Be Personable

For starters, don’t ask your date out by texting or email. Not only are they impersonal, but they set a poor tone for future communications.

Be concise about your plans. No one wants to be stuck in the infamous loop of ‘what do you want to do?’ be confident with your decisions and recommendations.

Lastly, call your date to confirm your plans. It will put you both at ease.

3. Make a Good First Impression

There are a lot of elements that go into creating an impression, and it is essential to get them all right. When going out for a date, there are several things you should check off before getting out of the house.

Pay attention to your appearance. Take a shower, shave if you have to, and pick a clean outfit. Make sure you smell nice but don’t overdo your perfume. You don’t want your scent to be the only thing your date remembers about you.

Show up on time, or at least 15 minutes early.

4. Keep off the Screens

Nowadays, we all depend on our phones to get things done and get to places, and that is a wonderful convenience. However, be sure to stay off your phone while on a date.

Clear your schedule prior to your date so you don’t have to answer work calls or respond to emails during your date. Not only is it rude, but you also give your date the impression they are not important or worthy of your time. If you want a chance at a second date, it would be wise to give your date your undivided attention.

5. Make Plans You’re Comfortable with

Typically, most people opt for dinner dates or drinks for a first date. While these might not be the worst options, they are not the best options when you’re trying to know some and be impressionable.

Instead, opt for an engaging activity, then slot in dinner and drinks at the end. This way, you’ll have plenty to talk about, and neither of you has to worry about awkward silences.

Being comfortable during a date is equivalent to having a good time, and this means your date will have fun too.

6. Keep the Conversation Light

Nobody wants to go on a date to listen to you complain about your exes, work, or argue about political and religious beliefs.

Instead, keep the conversations on the surface, and don’t probe your date for details they are unwilling to share. If they want to tell you anything, they will do so when they are ready.

Talk about hobbies and things they love about their life. You can never go wrong with childhood stories. Don’t be the wet blanket, always sharing sob stories. Instead, focus on the stuff that excites you and what you’re grateful for.

The conversation is a pretty significant part of your date, so don’t be a hog. Give your date an opportunity to talk and answer your questions. Being curious ensures the conversation keeps rolling.

However, ensure you talk about issues you deem important. For instance, if you’re into poly dating, communicate your intentions early. This might be a deal-breaker for some people.

7. Have Goals and Clear Intentions

People date for different reasons, whether they are seeking sexual flings or serious partners. Some people just want to see what’s out there or just for the company.

But before you dive into the dating pool, map out what you want and why. This way, it will be easy to manage expectations, both of your own and those of your future dates. In addition, knowing what you want prevents you from settling for whomever.

8. Don’t Wait too Long

This is one of the most important online dating tips for men. If you’ve made the perfect match, then don’t wait too long before asking them out on a date.

While texting might be a great way to maintain the chemistry, waiting too long increases your chances of landing in the infamous friend zone.

In addition, too much texting might kill the chemistry, and you might have nothing to talk about when you finally meet up. So, unless you’re trying to be just a friend, you better bite that bullet and ask them out.

9. Compliment Your Date

Getting ready for a date takes up a lot of time, so please compliment your date. You don’t have to overdo it and shower them with praises; a simple compliment on how they look is fine, and be sincere about it. Even on subsequent dates, always spare a second and compliment how your date looks.

10. Confidence is Key

Confidence is attractive and makes you impressionable to the people you meet. It’s natural to be nervous on your date, but try to calm your nerves. Remember, your date might also be nervous, so being calm helps create a balance.

If you’re struggling with anxiety, take deep breaths and smile. Deep breathing helps you to calm down and smiling automatically uplifts your mood.


The key to successful dating is allowing room for mistakes. Not only are they a learning moment, but it takes away the pressure to be perfect and flawless.

Even when things go well, and you find your special someone, don’t stop dating them.

Published by HOLR Magazine.