There is no question, many people have gone a little stir crazy being stuck at home for months at a time. Being in the same space can be mentally exhausting and things can become a little redundant. It has been proven that new and fresh things can be uplifting. Especially when we conquer this ourselves!

Therefore, we encourage people to give their home or favourite room a cleanse or make-over. You do not need to spend money to freshen up your living space. Oftentimes, we have things stored away that we may have purchased years ago. These items can be centrepieces, art, décor pieces or sentimental items, from past events or vacations! We suggest going through your most used living space and see, which pieces in that space you can remove. Clearing the clutter is a great way to start clearing your mind too. 

Having a minimalistic approach to your room’s makeover tends to bring out the best in people. Seeing fewer things and walking around a more open room lets people feel free and spacious. Since many of us don’t know when we’ll be going back to the office, we have been using our homes as an office, gym, lounge and entertainment centre. If most people don’t like a cluttered desk because it feels like the work is never-ending, why clutter your home with things you haven’t touch in months or years?

Look around your room and see what things you have been paying less attention to and remove it. Give yourself time to see what you can do without. Then, look at some past items and see what brings back that feel-good vibe. Sometimes things that are so old and haven’t been seen in years, suddenly feel new again! Bring back some of the items you loved and see how it fits within the rest of your space. Don’t overcrowd your room with old items but add items that compliment the things you still enjoy. 

You don’t need to make this a full-day task.  Start with 5 minutes at a time. It will keep you occupied and give you something new to do. Since most of us have had the same schedule and plans for the past few months, we all deserve some time to try something new. Create a decluttering checklist and stick to it. You may even go through some of your items and feel that instead of storing them, you can donate them to someone who needs them more than you. Once you start with one room, slowly make your way to other rooms to give yourself a FREE home makeover.