Does George Clooney think Joe Biden should not be president?

George Clooney New York Times

July 10, 2024– George Clooney told The New York Times that he “loves Joe Biden: but thinks the USA’s Democratic Party needs a new nominee.

As outlined in this related TikTok video posted by user @msnbc, Clooney told the publication that the one battle Biden cannot win is president “the fight against time”.

George Clooney Joe Biden

Biden, who is 81, is currently running against Republican Party nominee, Donald Trump, who is 78 years old.

The most recent presidential debate between the two candidates was allegedly deemed a loss for the Democratic Party following Biden’s bleak performance against his competitor. It is alleged that some people fear it may swing voters in a different direction.

George Clooney NYT

Clooney is a proud Democrat and a Democratic fundraiser, who recently voiced his opinions on Biden stepping down following the debate. Now, it seems as though a growing number of Democrats are seemingly coming forward to claim Biden should step down even though the president is determined to run- and win- against Trump in the 2024 election.

Following these new remarks, do you think Biden will drop out of the presidential election in which the Democratic Party will have to elect a new nominee?

What do you think about Clooney’s latest remarks?

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