Get the look of the understated style from the most relatable character, Lexi Howard from Euphoria.

Get The Look: The Understated Style of Lexi From Euphoria

The rise of the IT show Euphoria is obviously attributed to the talented cast, but the show has also contributed a lot to beauty and fashion. The Euphoria-style make-up looks have been trending since its initial release in 2019. The show’s costume design (created by Heidi Bivens) and each character’s fashion sense also became the focal point of the show. 

From Maddy’s iconic style to Kat’s intimidating latex fashion, it will make you wonder if they ever have a school dress code at all. Nonetheless, almost all of the female characters in the show (except for Rue) show up in class with a loud and distinctive style. And as much as we love the over-the-top looks, an understated style can still prevail so long as it’s with the right character. Lexi Howard, played by Maude Apatow, is a shy and introverted character. Her personality serves as a stark contrast with literally everyone in the show. Unlike her friends, Lexi is the type who likes to stay in the shadows but that’s not to say that’s she has an uninteresting style at all. Season one Lexi was timid, but Season two Lexi is slowly moving away from that. In the last three episodes, Lexi already graced us with stunning outfits memorable enough to make her stand out on screen. 

New Year’s Eve Party Look

Get The Look: The Understated Style of Lexi From Euphoria

Photo Credit: HBO

The first episode of season two was set on a New Year’s Eve party. We first see Lexi going around the party looking for her sister, Cassie. And in true introvert fashion, she then spends the night sitting on the couch with Fez. She dazzles Fezco with her bookishness and her cute pink and red NYE outfit. Lexi wore a puffed sleeve Batsheva top and pants. The look was custom but you can still achieve the look with this petal embroidered top from the same brand and this ruffle pant in denim

Showing Up To See Your Crush Look

Lexi Howard Euphoria

Photo Credit: HBO

In episode two, Lexi wanted to be more confident. Specifically, she wanted to pursue the connection she had with Fez. The cardigan top, plaid trousers, and block heel loafers are the quintessential power clothes for someone like her. The cardigan is from the brand Calle Del Mar, the trousers are Rachel Comey, and the shoes are from Nodaleto. For a more affordable option, this cardigan from Dynamite and flared trousers from Nasty Gal will do the trick. As for the shoes, Zara has a wide selection of heeled loafers.

The Bathroom Scene

Euphoria fashion

Photo Credit: HBO

For the third episode, we see Lexi in multiple Miu Miu outfits including the cropped poplin top, and the striped polo shirt. The most memorable outfit, however, was the pink and red shirt she wore during the bathroom scene. This specific scene made the distinction of each Euphoria girls’ style more visible. Lexi’s red and pink shirt popped brightly in contrast to the blues, blacks and greens on screen. Although she was technically a background in that scene, her presence was still known because of her outfit. Her shirt is from Motoguo and the print is very unique to the brand so for an affordable option, you can get away with an argyle sweater from Pretty Little Thing.  

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