GLAMGLOW soared through the skincare industry in the past several years with their beauty and skin products. From face masks, to cleanses, and setting sprays the company became the prototype of glowing, camera-ready skin. In 2010, the founders Shannon and Glen Dellimore created a line of exclusive products made for professionals who wanted a product that was pore-refining, that reduced fine-lines, and gave a natural glow. We’ve heard of a lot of products that claim to do just that, but GLAMGLOW‘s products answer the current question we’ve all been asking: Is activated charcoal the secret to perfect skin? 

Many of their products incorporate different kinds of charcoal, from coconut, to bamboo and ubame wood, and the results have been nothing short of purifying. Recently the company has enhanced some of their older products and released several new products for all of us who are yearning for that glowing natural skin finish.

GLAMGLOW Newly Released Products

Here are some new products to try that were released earlier this week. All of which are available at your local Sephora Beauty Store.

GLAMGLOW Galactic Cleanse – $46

Cleans and hydrates the face, washes away makeup, softens skin, and meteorite powder that makes the skin glow.

Purchase your GLAMGLOW Galactic Cleanse here.

GLAMGLOW Power Rangers Gravity Mud – $44 (LIMITED EDITION)

GLAMGLOW Power Rangers Mud Mask is a tightening and firming formula that when dry will give you skin that feels tighter and more lifted.

Purchase your GLAMGLOW Power Rangers Mud Mask here.

GLAMGLOW Bubble Sheet – $12

A microbubbling sheet mask that deep cleanses, oxygenates, purifies and detoxifies your skin.

Purchase your GLAMGLOW Bubble Sheet Mask here.

GLAMGLOW Super Cleanse – $42

It’s important to note that activated charcoal takes bacteria, chemicals, and dirt from the surface of your skin, which causes flawless skin complexion and helps fight acne problems. The new GLAMGLOW Super cleanse includes 3 kinds of charcoal: bamboo charcoal, coconut charcoal, and ubame wood charcoal, which cleanses, purifies and gives the skin a beautiful glow for several days.

Purchase your GLAMGLOW Super Cleanse here.