If you want to spice your table setting game up, these trendy glasswares are your stepping stone to a chic, and impressive dining table.

Glassware Trends To Look Out For

Photo Credit: Martin De Arriba

Smoke Glass

Grey smoke glasswares were a thing of the past but just like fashion, interior designs are just as cyclical. The resurgence of this trend is a result of the new wave of thrifting and curating vintage; which means that you can find this trendy glassware at your local thrift store or on a vintage curator’s Instagram page. While the smoke glass trend is considered as an 80’s comeback, the style gives off a contemporary feel with its minimalistic quality. From fluted to old fashion glasses, you have a variety of styles to pick from. 

Glassware Trends To Look Out For

Photo Credit: Chelsea Cavanaugh, Etsy Journal Trends

Depression Glassware

If you’re looking for a glassware with distinct character and a lot of history behind it, then this is for you. 

Depression glass was initially produced by glassmakers after the crash of the stock market in 1929. When luxury hand-made crystals were no longer affordable, glassmakers have to find a way to keep their businesses afloat. Glass companies then started to make cheap, mass-produced glassware, thus coining the name “Depression Glass.” These distinctive colourful glasses juxtaposed the dreariness people felt at that time. The colours vary from pink, green, amber, pale blue and in some cases, jadeite, canary yellow, and amethyst. The glasses also come in different patterns that some considers rare and collector’s item! If you’re looking to collect one, don’t worry, more common patterns can be found on antique stores, eBay and of course, Etsy! 

Glassware Trends To Look Out For

Photo Credit: West Elm

Acrylic Fluted Glasses

Are you planning for an outdoor gathering but you don’t want to use your breakable, glasswares on a pool-side BBQ hang? Then this shatter-proof drinkware is perfect for you! These are not exactly “glassware” but this acrylic drinkware trend is perfect for outdoor entertaining. Not only do they get the job done, but they also make your summer table spread look chicer! These glasses come in a variety of colours and sizes and are even stackable! 

Glassware Trends To Look Out For

Photo Credit: Gjusta Goods

Recycled and Sustainable Glassware

I know what you’re thinking: glass is 100% recyclable. And you’re right! However, only a third of it gets recycled while the rest gets left behind in landfills. Glasses have a longer lifespan and can be melted and recycled multiple times. Making new glass though can take up more energy and waste so recycling glassware cuts down on the resources used. 

These Oaxacan Rock Glasses are hand-blown by glass artisans of Studio Xaquixe. Studio Xaquixe’s goal is to create beautiful glassware through a more sustainable process by using recycled glasses found in nearby villages and by using renewable energy. By doing so, they claim to have eliminated 40% of energy costs in their production. More and more glassmakers are turning into using recycled glasses as a means to provide for eco-conscious consumers. 

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