HOLR Magazine is taking you behind the scenes of the fashion and entertainment industries every Wednesday with a new podcast: ‘Trends and Tangents’. Hosted by HOLR’s own Ksenia Edwards (Editor-in-chief), Josh Davies (Creative Director), and Tasha Tobias (Head of Partnerships), Trends and Tangents brings you the unique point of view of a youthful, independent media company, unfiltered by parent companies or media conglomerates.  Listen as the hosts discuss their firsthand knowledge in the world of media, exploring zeitgeists, trending styles, industry issues, and more; often going on creative tangents that turn nuggets of information into developed and playful discussions. Above all else, Trends and Tangents delivers fascinating and valuable insight on a variety of media-related topics; the kind that can only be delivered by those in the proverbial loop.


Episode 4: Medians words proven, the most unusual NFT fine art purchase , & Timothy Chamalet as Willy Wonka

This week in Trends & Tangents, editor in Chief Ksenia Edwards discusses elements of her conversation with last weeks Median proven to be true, leading to a discussion about going ‘back to normal’ with increase of vaccine distribution. NFT’s are on the rise, surprisingly turning classic YouTube content into fine, high priced, one of a kind, art. The classic Ronald Dahl story ‘Willy Wonka’ has been played on screen by industry icons every generation. Gene wilder, Johnny deep, and now Timothy Chamalet is taking on the iconic role.

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Episode 3: Vaccine Roll Out, Mind Boggling Medians, and Ariana Grande is a New Bride

After a long wait, we are grateful to have the vaccines rolling out in Canada and the U.S, but what will happen next? Maybe you don’t believe in Medians or communicating with the spirit world, but interesting things happen when you try with an open mind. Pop Star Ariana Grande ties the knot last weekend with real estate agent Dalton Gomez.

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The HOLR team discusses Billie Eillish and her interview for the cover of HOLR Magazine issue 12 to now with her Instagram record breaking Vogue cover and new single ‘Your Power’. New breaks in psychedelic studies are rising in mental health medicine. Editor-In-Chief Ksenia Edwards talks about her newly published interview with Field Trip Health founder Ronan Levy, what these studies are showing and the direction this new medicine is heading in. To learn more about Field Trip Health and this new use of psychedelic medicine, visit www.holrmagazine.com.
Touching up on Toronto’s underrated food culture, the team discusses first restaurant stops and Toronto based activities they’re looking forward to for when the city opens back up.
Ksenia and Josh discuss Elon Musk on SNL, Recent updates on the Mars mission and why millennials are rumoured to be the first generation to hit immortality. They also discuss Manifestation, a word with different meanings to each person, and how the foundations that type of mentality can lays down, triggering actions that landed G Eazy on the cover of Issue 13 of HOLR Magazine.
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