If you are part of pop culture, you are most likely familiar with the buzzword “Street Wear”, for it is one of the concepts that fiercely steers that dynamic movement. Unlike other fashion genres, streetwear is a steady cultural phenomenon that has turned into a lifestyle; it merges personality with pragmatism.

Back in the day, it was only exclusive to the hip-hop & graffiti spaces, however throughout the years it has managed to seep into miscellaneous cultures & Today youngsters from almost all walks of life boast the liberty of dressing themselves up with this stylistic, casual apparel. Let’s explore the various items that fall within this bracket & that can serve as your muse.

Logo Tees 

T-shirts with graphics are a centrepiece of modern fashion culture; they are a common way to express one’s individualism and have become a staple in streetwear. The phrases & imagery printed on them are a powerful dispatch. Curator of the Fashion & Textile Museum, Dennis Northdruft once mentioned that it is the most democratic garment! I mean, we are all tempted to read a person’s clothing right? So what better way to challenge the status quo than displaying your stance right in people’s faces with your t-shirt!

Denim Jackets

This item is bound to be found in almost every men’s closet, particularly because it can be worn and styled with just about anything. What makes them an interesting pick is the fact that they come in various forms; from your tailored fits with chest pockets to oversized ones that are printed on the back, leaving a statement for everyone walking behind you. 

Slide Sandals    

Almost every third person on the street owns Adidas adilette push-ins because hot and chilled days call for a bit of sandal coming to play. Whether you are going to the beach or simply want a simplistic look,  these slides will give you the best comfort. They are usually worn with white socks to remain in tune with the essence of the street culture. 

Straight leg jeans

For the longest time, skinny jeans ruled the streets; now, however, straight jeans seem to have re-emerged.  These are the kind that can be rocked up at a dinner party, on a random day. You already know that a couple of pockets, stretchy material is what you can expect from straight cuts. Levi’s jeans from the heydays (the 90s) are a classic pick when going for your shopping!


As much as these kinds of jackets are vogue within the formal fashion industry events, they are gradually gaining traction in streetwear. On the recent runways, we’ve seen them being paired with a designer bag, sneakers and sweatsuits. They certainly are a powerful component in a man’s sartorial repository.

Bomber Jackets 

Another preference that is popular within this culture is this zippered jacket that usually comes in a leather and windbreaker outer covering. Its main bulge is its durability, which gains its continuance from the thick material and waterproof resistance nature. So when you are looking for a wearable option that will add urbanity and elegance to your style, this is definitely your go-to!


Adding an edgy vibe to your look when running errands, hitting the gym or just lazing around the house with these classic pants whose fabric ranges from cotton to leather is a must. It is entirely up to you whether you want them a bit baggy or to tightly fit your body, the former is customary & looks cooler though! 


If you log onto social media and search the streetwear hashtag, you’d find that it is swarming with creators promoting brands that have designed classical sneakers to complement your streetwear attire. Air Jordan, Nike & Prada Cloudbust Thunder are some of the top names you’ll come across. 


What’s a hype beast outfit without an accessory or two? A bucket hat,  baseball cap or a simple beanie will complete your look & make you look the part within the streetwear culture. 

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Published by HOLR Magazine.