The digital game has greatly evolved over the years and the podcast space wasn’t left behind. People move around a lot in the 21st century… Here today, tomorrow it’s a whole new location. 

As much as the movement is too much like a day in the Time Square #Hectic yet the pursuit of information, lifestyle updates, travel and the happenings in the world continues to spark big time. Thou, traditional radio isn’t any longer the number 1 go-to place anymore like I said `people are on the Move and their devices are smart and active so podcast or online radio is the new friend.

The podcasting industry day to day keeps growing and reaches new heights; what makes it unique is also that there are no auditions for `Radio DJ’s or Radio Presenter’ none of that, you could be in your grandma crib have a few thoughts; you wanna share and discuss… Grab your phone, download a podcasting software like Podbean, Audacity etc and go ahead of course; Constituency & respect for the industry and audience is very vital as many have made this a full-time job.

Speaking of it been a full-time job; we have seen the likes of Joe Rogan and Joe Budden taking the space big time and influencing the world at the same time. In fact, some traditional radio has also taken advantage of the space e.g. The Breakfast Club Power Hour.

The podcast space is really informative and useful in many ways, over the year’s we have seen political parties and figures joint in to continually grow their audiences to be ready for elections etc. in fact; some should have started before running for presidency perhaps, they could have won but that’s a conversation for another day LOL!!

Well; I’m your No.1 Plugger so let me plug you on a top 5 podcast, you should check it out. So, I’m going to give you from top 5 to number 1.

5 – Podcast and Chill with MacG – which is a comedic entertainment podcast.

4 – Rich Dad Radio Show – Following Robert Kiyosaki from his best – selling book to his podcast is not a bad idea at all.

3 – The Unspoken Podcast – A recently launched podcast by Kristabel in the UK and co-host King Brandon in Nigeria, it promises to be a banger.

2 – In my 20s Podcast – The journeys of the millennials in their 20s by a well-known podcast Rutendo Nyamuda.

1 – Unpack the Facts Online Radio – It has had small beginnings but it has surely reached the masses weekly and it’s super timely… A Must Check out.

With all these amazing tops 5; there is more happening in the podcast space including big moves.

For instance; Charlamagne Tha God announced that he has partnered with iHeartMedia to launch ‘The Black Effect Podcast Network’ which will give people of colour the opportunity to give their own platform. It is only just the beginning for the podcasting space and real concern out there, will the traditional radio be around in the few years.

I’m super keen on knowing what’s your favourite podcast out there on News, fashions, lifestyle etc. Use #KGcolumns on Socials.