Restauranteur, model and actor Guillermo Zapata shares his tips for aging gracefully. 


Guillermo Zapata is the founder and owner of SUR Restaurant and Lounge – a West Hollywood hot spot made famous by the Bravo hit series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules. Back in 1992, Guillermo moved from his hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina to Los Angeles to pursue his first passion, acting, which landed him various roles in commercials, television shows and movies, but struggled to see acting as a sustainable career. It was by chance that he ended up finding something else that would steal his passion – and that led him to his greatest success, SUR, which stands for Sexy Unique Restaurant. In addition to being a restaurateur, actor, model, husband, and father of two, the ambitious entrepreneur is currently producing a feature film and two television series. As Guillermo Zapata juggles his responsibilities, this George Clooney look-alike also takes the time to preserve his appearance through choosing to live by the silver fox philosophy. We got in touch with Guillermo to share some of his grooming tips and product favourites. 

HOLR: What does your daily grooming routine look like? 

GUILLERMO ZAPATA: I like to keep it simple for both my day and night routines.  I use a body wash and scrub, wash my face, and brush my teeth. 

HOLR: Grooming philosophy? 

GZ: Never colour your hair! I live by the ‘silver fox’ philosophy and look. 

HOLR: Best skincare advice you can give? 

GZ: Drink lots of water and take your Vitamin B12’s and Omega 3’s. 

HOLR: What are some of your favourite grooming products? 

GZ: I use a line my dermatologist recommended. It’s called Dermbasics. I use a gentle face cleanser, toner, and a Vitamin C brightening serum.