This new platform makes it easy for Canadians to make more informed decisions about their health.

MyHealthyLifeTM DNA testing platform

Health First Network is revolutionizing the personal health and wellness space thanks to the brand’s latest MyHealthyLifeTM DNA testing tool. This is a truly innovative hybrid in-store/online tool that is the first of its kind in Canada- plus, you can find and shop the product across Health First Network’s membership of independent health and wellness retailers.

We love that this tool uses lifestyle and DNA analysis to help inform and educate Canadians about how to optimize their well-being. As a result, MyHealthyLife was developed in tandem with LifeDNA (a world-class genomics tech company) to work together to provide the best results.

Canadians are thinking a lot about their health, and their local Health First member store is a hub for education and guidance,” says Davide Viola, CEO of Health First Network. “MyHealthyLifeTM brings customers a new and more personalized approach to health and wellness. It uses DNA data to curate a collection of unique product and lifestyle recommendations – it’s the future of personalized wellness from the neighbourhood retailer who already knows their customers best.”

HOLR decided to give this tool a try, and the experience was super straightforward and easy! You receive a kit to deposit your DNA saliva sample in, and are provided a return label to send your results back for further testing. You also need to register your kit online so once you receive your results everything is in one place. Results take 5-8 weeks so just be patient- it’s definitely worth the wait! When we received the results by logging into our online profile, we saw the personalized reports that outlined areas -such as immunity and vitamins- that were recommended based on achieving optimal performance and health. Each report is unique to each user and – in this particular case- it suggested an array of supplements, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you may be interested in adding into your everyday routine.

As outlined, for those who are interested in trying out the platform, users of the MyHealthyLife platform will receive a set of six personalized wellness reports. These reports offer helpful insights that also tap into the best (and worst) foods, workouts, skincare routines, and overall health and wellness strategies specific to one’s DNA. Reports can also uncover the connection between DNA and personality traits such as night owl versus early bird, introversion versus extroversion, risk tolerance, openness to new experiences, and resilience in tough times. Through the platform’s integrated AI algorithms, MyHealthyLifeTM can continuously provide health and wellness updates as research continues to expand knowledge about genome sequences.

Be sure to check out the Health First Network’s MyHealthyLife DNA testing platform for more information and to try it out for yourself!

Published by HOLR Magazine.