Gypsy Rose Blanchard was reportedly told to leave Missouri after it was revealed she hoped to meet Taylor Swift at a Chiefs game.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @stephwithdadeets, a new article by TMZ claimed that gypsy Rose Blanchard and her husband were told to leave Missouri following news reports that she wanted to meet Taylor Swift.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Taylor Swift Obsession

Image Credit: @stephwithdadeets TikTok

According to the related article, Blanchard was told to leave Missouri by her parole officer. Blanchard was recently released from a state prison in the area this past week after she served time for plotting the murder of her abusive mother. The article claims that the exact reason why Blanchard was told to leave is unclear but Blanchard has been getting a lot of attention recently after her release.

As noted in this article, Blanchard stayed in a downtown Kansas City hotel, after her release, where she attended a welcome home party thrown by family. There are rumors that Blanchard could pose as a “security risk” at the event which could be a reason why she is not currently welcome.

What do you think about Blanchard being told to leave crushing her dreams of not being able to allegedly meet Swift at a Chiefs game?

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