Are Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Natalie Nunn fighting? HOLR breaks down the alleged rumors.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @butthatsmyopinion, Gypsy Rose Blanchard, and Natalie Nunn allegedly having beef is “probably the funniest thing to happen in 2024.

Gypsy Rose Natalie Nunn Reddit

Image Credit: @butthatsmyopinion TikTok

Gypsy Rose Natalie Nunn

Allegedly, Gypsy Rose posted a screenshot of Natalie Nunn reaching out to her on social media asking her to respond to a request to host the Baddies East reunion. Gypsy Rose seemingly responded by saying thanks for the offer, but that she would not like to host the reunion.

Allegedly, Nunn was “not having it” that Gypsy Rose shared this screenshot of their correspondence on the internet. Supposedly, 4 days later Nunn messaged back and claimed that she didn’t appreciate Gypsy Rose posting these screenshots to her page, asking her to take them down immediately.

Gypsy Rose claimed that this was “her platform” and asked Nunn to move on from the situation.

The pair seemingly went back and forth online and Gypsy Rose alleged that Nunn would be blocked, as the TikTok video points out.

Does Gypsy Rose feel the need to be in the spotlight online? According to the TikTok video, this may be the case since this exchange has been leaked.

Commenters in the comment section of the above video thought the exchange was “random” with many of them even questioning if it was real.

Gypsy Rose Natalie Nunn Reddit Drama Fake?

According to this related article, the drama between the two turned out to be fake after all. After this exchange went viral online, Nunn supposedly shut down the “fake gossip” rumors involving the pair.

The duo is asking the public to not believe everything they see online as Nunn confirmed she never messaged Gypsy. She also claimed the page representing her in the screenshots was also “fake.” Allegedly the person in the screenshots seemingly representing Gypsy Rose was also fake and came from a Facebook page called Gypsy Rose Anderson. Gypsy Rose alleges that this was seemingly a “Gypsy impersonator.”

What do you think about this alleged beef between the two not being real?

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