Gypsy Rose Blanchard recently announced that she is pregnant with boyfriend Ken Urker’s child. This news follows her split from her ex-husband, Ryan Anderson. Now, her baby registry is going viral. 

Gypsy Rose Boyfriend

July 11, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @alma__dlc, following the news that Gyspy Rose is pregnant with her and boyfriend Ken’s first child (shown here on her TikTok page @gypsyblanchard.tiktok), she reportedly started a baby registry that went viral online. In a video announcing the news, Gypsy Rose recently revealed that at this point in time she is 11 weeks pregnant.


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Gypsy Rose Baby Registry

As outlined in this related article, the registry seemingly featured extremely “expensive” items for her baby on the way, in which she is reportedly due in January 2025. For example, a $500 recliner and over $500 stroller were among the pricey items that Gypsy Rose supposedly added to the list.

Gypsy Rose Net Worth

As a result of the list going public, as the TikToker above claimed, all of the products were allegedly purchased within half an hour of it going viral. The TikToker also ran through the numerous expensive items listed on the registry. Gypsy Rose has an alleged net worth of over $3 million which is why the topic of her baby registry has been so controversial.

One comment underneath this video posted by user @lisawiththetea.1 alleged that a rumor started claiming that the items were purchased and signed by Ryan Anderson, Gypsy’s ex.

In this related TikTok video, posted by user @lisawiththetea.1, Gypsy Rose seemingly replied to the alleged claims that items were already purchased by stating that no one actually bought anything from the registry and that it was just a “practical joke” being played on her and her boyfriend. She alleged that people were just pressing the “purchased” button and were leaving her harassing messages.

News of Gypsy Rose’s baby registry stirred additional drama online, with comments such as the below (on the above video) alleging that Gypsy Rose doesn’t need a baby registry because she supposedly has “more than enough money.”

What do you think about the viral claims involving Gypsy Rose’s alleged baby registry going viral?

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