Since the inception of the company, StyleSeat has booked over 200 million appointments, helping locals find the perfect destination for their beauty and grooming needs. Beauty and grooming can be challenging when it comes to specifics like hair type, skin type or even as simple as location and availability. 

StyleSeat was founded by Melody McCloskey, who wanted to create a platform where beauty services were easy to book and created a space to seamlessly search for personalized beauty experiences. The platform was created for consumers to discover and connect with professionals in all beauty categories that are well-versed in style and treatments that appeal to the StyleSeat consumer.

From booking men’s or woman’s hair stylings, or even getting your nails or brows done, StyleSeat can connect you with the best professionals in your area that can do exactly what you’re looking for, with a price that ranges that range from $10.00- $400.00. 

There are many reasons why StyleSeat has booked over 200 million appointments. Here are a few!

Reason #1: Book With Trusted Experts

Finding a new stylist that you can trust with the future of your hair, nails, or brows can be daunting. Luckily, StyleSeat takes the guesswork out of the equation. With real client reviews and a complimentary white-glove concierge service to help you find the perfect stylist for what you’re looking for, StyleSeat will connect you with the best Pro for the job.

Reason #2: Smart Pricing For The Best Deal Possible

StyleSeat created its new Smart Pricing technology to help find you the best possible price. With the option to schedule appointments on less popular days for lower prices, or pay a premium to schedule an appointment before or after the salon hours, StyleSeat adapts to fit your budget. 


Reason #3: Streamline Communication

Search for Pros, book an appointment, get day-of reminders, and pay all through the StyleSeat app. Treating yourself to a beauty service has never been easier.

If you’re looking to spice up your beauty routine and looking to try some of StyleSeat’s best-kept artists and stylists here are a few that may interest you when getting ready for the holiday.

Silk Press is one feature you can find on the StyleSeat website. With the weather turning, you can turn to Silk Press to help combat the cold that will make your hair more brittle.

“After the summer months where people that wear their hair naturally tend to take the season off from heat styling, I’m seeing a lot of hair that needs to be rehydrated and a renewal of regular salon maintenance and haircuts.” – John George, Silk Press Expert/Stylist, and StyleSeat Pro

Nail art by Salina is a great opportunity for you to do great designs for the holidays that will last you until the new year.

 “The nail world is booming with art and colour right now despite the fact that it’s fall. I’ve been doing tons of sets with a different design for every nail and it’s been so fun!” – Salina Néou, Celebrity Nail Artist and StyleSeat Pro.

Visit StyleSeat and browse for the beauty stylists you need to hire today for all your beauty and wellness needs.

Article published by HOLR Magazine