A life with flaky skin is a nightmare. Constant itching, redness, and burning sensation are some of the many side effects of dry skin. But, the intensity of all these problems varies from person to person.

If you are a victim of dehydrated and irritated skin all year long, you probably want to find a solution that provides fast relief. For a practical measure, however, you should first dig into the significant causes that may be causing the problem..

What Causes Flaky Skin?

Come winter, and your skin doesn’t take time to get extremely itchy and dry. Granted, experiencing flaky skin in just a single month isn’t a worrisome problem. But the combination of heated air inside and cold atmosphere outside contribute towards rapid skin dryness that almost every other person experiences all winter or even throughout the entire year – this is when it becomes a concerning issue.

Here are some primary causes that may lead to scratchy and irritated skin:

Excessive Use Of Hot Water

Are you fond of long and hot showers? We can’t deny they feel great, but regular use of hot water ruins your skin’s barriers. Skin is a sensitive organ, and the constant heat exposure strips off natural oils, leading to inflammation and dryness.

Regular Application Of Chemicals

Cleaning your face and hand every day with a face wash or soap seems like an excellent habit. However, over-cleaning your body with artificial products can do more harm than good. If you use harsh soaps on your skin more than twice a day, it may be a major reason behind your flaky skin.

Unnecessary Exfoliation

Exfoliation has many incredible benefits for your skin. It removes dead cells and gives you the much-desired glow. However, daily exfoliation is the biggest enemy of moisture.

According to experts, you should only exfoliate your skin twice a week. If you do it every day right now, you may want to give your skin a break.

Hard Water

Have you ever checked the quality of the water that flows through your showerheads and taps? Unfortunately, most people are unaware of hard water in their homes, which has ruined their skin and hair for a long time.

Hard water contains high levels of magnesium, calcium and chlorine. Moreover, depending on your location, its formula may also include aluminum and iron.

With such a heavy mineral composition, hard water has the potential to ruin your skin in many ways. Regular chlorine exposure often results in rashes and swollen skin. Excessive levels of iron in water can damage your cells and make your skin go brittle.

Moreover, it is pretty much impossible to completely remove chemicals and soap applied to your body using hard water. Even after a proper bath, hard water often leaves a layer of soap behind clogging the pores of your skin and absorbing moisture from your body. As a result, you experience dryness and acne.

Consistent use of hard water can also damage the texture of your hair.  It is one of the biggest reasons you encounter extreme hair fall during a shower session. Hard water is also not suitable for your utensils and clothes that look unclean even after a good wash.

Infectious Causes

While hard water may be a crucial reason behind your chronic skin dryness, many people suffer from infectious diseases that result in flaky and irritated skin. Eczema, dermatitis, and fungal infections are some of the few problems that alleviate dryness and inflammation.

Such skin issues require a doctor’s intervention as early as possible to prevent the situation from going out of hand.

Moreover, regular consumption of certain drugs can result in dry skin as a side effect. If you consistently use medication for an underlying condition, research or ask your doctor about its long-term impact on your skin.

Measures To Treat Flaking Skin

If you want your smooth and soft skin back, here are a few measures that may help you achieve your goal. But you need to make sure to follow these tips consistently to combat flakiness.

Install A Whole House Water Filter

Nothing works as effectively as a water filter to treat hard water and remove chemicals. You can’t shift homes, nor is it easy to change your water supply. So the only way to deal with hardness and other water issues is to install a filter system in your house.

A whole house water filter is a “point of entry” unit. It connects to your main water line and ensures distribution of filtered water through every shower and tap in your house.

If you are looking for an appropriate filter, @WaterMasterz is a great website to explore some fantastic recommendations.

Reduce The Duration of Baths

While long showers are a great way to escape the ties and responsibilities of everyday life, they aren’t good for your skin at all. Try to limit your bath time to 10 minutes only. Also, choose lukewarm water over hot showers to prevent your skin from losing too much moisture and drying up.

Minimize Soap Consumption

I know, scented and colorful soaps look tempting, but they are mainly a facade. To save your skin from unbearable itchiness and flaky texture, minimize the use of chemicals usually present in a high-end soap. Instead, use soap-free cleansers to reduce dryness and retain moisture.

Avoid Scrubs And Sponges

Flaky skin can get very painful when scrubbed with brushes or sponges. If you don’t want to experience unbearable discomfort, avoid using scrubs or washcloths on your skin. Moreover, to dry your body, pat your skin with a clean towel.

Moisturize Daily

Remind yourself that a lack of moisture is one of the main reasons behind your skin’s suffering. So, to ensure it doesn’t happen again, apply a moisturizer after every bath. You can also go for petroleum jelly or safe creams to keep your skin hydrated.

Moreover, you need to discipline yourself to not scratch the affected area if you don’t want to witness continuous itching and ugly redness.

Visit A Skin Specialist

Truth be told, you cannot always deal with flaky skin on your own. Before your skin condition gets out of control it’s better to see a reputed skin specialist. They may suggest the same measures mentioned above, or they might prescribe an effective topical treatment.

If your skin’s dryness is a side effect of your existing medication, they might recommend a change in your old.

It’s About Persistence

If you dream of getting your healthy skin back, remember that persistent efforts are key. Get your water supply tested for hardness, and install a water filter as soon as you can. Moreover, follow the above tips to keep your skin’s condition under control.

Also, don’t hesitate to visit a specialist who will help you find the real cause behind the unwanted and painful skin dryness.