As we head towards the cold Toronto winter, everyone must prepare their skin for the changing weather. BAO Laboratory is a Toronto-based skincare brand that uses naturally sourced ingredients to develop a wide range of products for all different skin types. 

Founder of BAO Laboratory, Julia Bao launched her skincare line five years ago to create an improved alternative to the skincare products with a long and complicated list of ingredients. All products produced by BAO Laboratory are proudly Canadian-made, using a science-based approach. BAO Laboratory is an expert in creating products that are sure to boost your skin’s health by only using the highest of quality ingredients. The following are five products we at HOLR absolutely adore and think will make fabulous gifts for all the special people in your life. 

  1. Lotus Squalene Healing Facial Oil 

This calming facial oil uses squalene and lotus wax to create a remedy that restores your skin to its natural balance and leaves a glowy finish. Squalene is a naturally occurring substance in the skin that provides anti-ageing properties and allows the skin to keep its elasticity. 

  1. Midnight Mirage Antioxidation Facial Oil 

A must in all skincare routines, especially as the seasons change, this unique facial oil is used to reverse the damage caused to the skin by the sunny summer. The blend of ingredients in this product will allow your skin to gain moisture retention and heal from exposure to environmental toxins. 

  1. Intuition Eye Serum 

For anyone who struggles with dark circles, fine lines, or puffy eyes, this will be your bestfriend. The Intuition Eye Serum uses hyluronic acid, cucumber seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, and vitamin E, to combat the look of time by strengthening the area around the eye. 

  1. Endymion’s Luminous C 

The Endymion Luminous C is a miracle product that uses eleven types of vitamin C to reduce sun damage and give your skin an even tone. Vitamin C is a must in everyone’s skincare routine, as it is critical to preventing signs of ageing by providing antioxidants for all layers of the skin. 

  1. Ginseng Root Ferment Elixir 

This elixir uses Ginseng root ferment filtrate, a powerful natural ingredient that is known for its cell regeneration ability. The consistency of this elixir creates the perfect base, and improves the metabolism of your skin.