More than just a surf swimwear brand, Noserider Surf Club has carved a niche for itself by seamlessly blending functionality and style, allowing women to ride waves with confidence and grace. Surfing is more than a sport; it’s an embodiment of freedom and expression. Yet, for many, the journey to the waves is a pursuit fraught with challenges, dreams deferred, and unexpected paths taken.

Landlocked Beginnings

Growing up in small-town Wisconsin, where the nearest ocean was more like a mirage,  I always yearned for the allure of California’s coastline and the art of surfing. I can’t quite pinpoint when this obsession first took root, but flip through childhood photo albums, and you’ll spot me wearing surf-themed tank tops and proudly rocking puka shell necklaces, subtle hints of my impending saltwater destiny.

I took my first surf lesson in eighth grade and I can still vividly remember the bikini I wore. Now, I can’t claim to have been a surfing prodigy right out of the gate. To be brutally honest, I barely stood up during that initial lesson. Instead, it was like a silent pact was made between me and the waves that day – I was destined to be a surfer.

Thirteen years after my first surf lesson in Hawaii, I finally moved there. I spent my days surfing at sunrise and sunset for a year and a half straight. I loved every minute of living on that island, but eventually, I decided I wanted more – I wanted to see new places and surf new waves.

As surfing began to fill my days as I’d always dreamed, I realized there was one aspect I’d hardly considered before – the surf suits themselves. My dream had always been about the sport, not stumbling over what to wear or finding something comfortable.

The Cropped Rash Guard That Started It All

At the time I had just moved to Bali, and with the ripples of the pandemic still being strongly felt throughout the island, there were not many stores open. This made it hard to find surf apparel, it seems one of the drawbacks of living in an island paradise is the difficulty of getting anything shipped here. 

The limited options that were available, were not ones that suited me, bold and garish patterns have never been my style, I wanted something timeless, that wouldn’t go out of fashion quickly. I also wanted a surf bikini that would lay perfectly flat under my rash guard, no metal, no string, and no irritation or awkward bulges. After some mild searching frustration, it occurred to me that if what I was after didn’t exist, I should just make it myself.

I drew up sketches of precisely what I wanted – a cropped rash guard, bikini top and bottom set, and dived into the treasure trove of Denpasar’s fabric stores on the hunt for material that was durable enough to withstand the rigors of the waves. 

Next, I set out with my sketches in search of a tailor. Through driving down small gangs, following leads, and word of mouth, I ended up finding my tailor who took my measurements and designs and transformed them into exactly what I’d envisioned.

Time to Go All In

I can’t describe the feeling of the first time I surfed in something I’d created. This whole journey to follow my dreams had unwittingly unlocked a hidden passion, something I may never have discovered without it. 

I didn’t anticipate this small venture taking on a life of its own. As I surfed in my designs, my friends asked me to make pieces for them and it really took off from there. As the demand grew, I knew it was time to go all in with Noserider, the same way I had pursued my dreams all those years ago.

Looking back on it now, I marvel at how surfing has opened up worlds and pathways I never imagined. It feels very emblematic that it’s often the uncharted waves we choose to ride that leads us to the most extraordinary destinations in life.

Published by HOLR Magazine.