Makeup brand, Youthforia, is going viral after a TikToker made a reference to the brand’s deepest shade being compared to black face paint.

Youthforia Makeup

Makeup brand, Youthforia, is under fire after the brand’s deepest foundation shade, labeled Shade 600, went viral for being compared to black face paint.

Youthforia Black Foundation

Beauty TikToker @golloria took to the platform to share this review, which ended up going viral, in which she claimed the brand’s foundation shade was like “tar in a bottle.”


the darkest shade of the youthforia date night foundation.

♬ original sound – golloria

When comparing jet-black face paint to Youthforia’s Date Night Foundation in Shade 600 Deep-Neutral, the TikToker was shocked to learn that the pair looked almost identical when swatched. “Who is that color?” claimed the TikToker after testing it out in the now-viral video that has garnered over 24 million views. The TikToker goes on to claim that those with deeper skin tones do not want a jet-black foundation shade- instead, makeup brands need to show inclusivity by offering shades of brown with different undertones to ultimately create deeper shades of brown.

Youthforia Foundation Review

The brand is also under fire for only offering a few shades to those with deeper complexions. The TikToker took to the platform to showcase the brand’s current shade range as a result of the viral video. As you can see there are seemingly only 4-5 shades that cater to those with a deeper skin tone.

The brand’s foundation shade range has since sparked a heated debate online with people taking to the comment section of @golloria’s multiple TikTok videos to share their concerns.

However, others seemingly had a differing opinion on Youthforia’s Shade 600.

Following @golloria’s review, other TikTokers took to their platforms to share their concerns regarding the brand’s deepest shade, including fellow beauty influencer @makeupshayla, in this video.


#greenscreen just a few thoughts on the youthforia foundation and beauty brands still lacking inclusivity

♬ original sound – Shayla

Shayla claimed that “no one has jet-black as their undertone” in referencing Youthforia’s Shade 600. Shayla goes on to showcase the brand’s current foundation lineup in which she points out that there are multiple variations and undertones to accommodate lighter skin tones and that all the public wants is for brands to do the same thing for medium, medium-deep, and deep shades. “Inclusivity starts within the brand first,” says Shayla. “There’s really no reason why a brand doesn’t understand shade range.”

What are your thoughts regarding the Youthforia foundation scandal?

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