Protecting the things you love and use every day is an important part of Herb Guard and why they have created lifestyle products to help keep them all secure, fresh, and professional. Herb Guard has created a line of products to store your goods like herbs, spices, and coffee, in a way that keeps them fresh longer, locked away from others, and allows you to look like a professional connoisseur with its sleek design in carrying cases. 

Herb Guard was started in 2016 by Ken McLauchlin and is a Toronto-based brand that sells and ships all over Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. With two warehouses in Toronto and the United Kingdom, Herb Guard has promised same-day shipping on all orders to help benefit you and your needs. 

See the list below for HOLR’s must-have Herb Guard products to keep your herbs safe and fresh!

The UV Glass Jar $19 

Herb Guards glass jars are essential to store your products safely. With UV protection, the glass jar assures that light won’t harm your products and will keep them air-tight and fresh for months. With a stylish design, the contents of your container will be kept private. This jar holds 50ml or an eighth. 

12×10 Locking Bag $29  

Holding up to 3 ounces of your goods, the locking bag is designed for protection and travel. It contains a combination lock that you can set your own password and allows you to keep your herbs and products protected from unwanted lookers. With a double velcro seal, and smell-proof lining to eliminate any unwanted smells to release from the bag. This bag has easy organization on the inside, coming with two large reusable smell-proof bags, allowing you to separate your smelly goods from any other good you want to keep protected. 

XL Case $79  

The Herb Guard XL is the perfect case that allows you to stay discreet while leaving nothing behind. The XL case holds and comes with a 250ml UV jar, a grinding card, and 5 reusable travel bags. With all that you can store all your goods together and keep them safe and locked up as this pouch comes with a combo lock and is smell-proof, tearproof, weatherproof and will last a lifetime as it will never lose its smell lock capabilities. 

500ml with Locking Case $39 

This 500ml or 1ounch UV protective jar comes with its own travel lock pouch, which is perfect for travelling and keeping your jar safe from any damage. The case itself is smell-proof along with water and weatherproof to keep the contents inside safe and dry. The 500ml jar and case also come with a grinding card and a humidity pack to keep your good fresh for longer. 

You cannot go wrong with Herb Guard, as one of the top brands for smell-proof products and storage, having it Canadian-made makes it that much better. So, if you’re a connoisseur of herbs and other goods, get yourself some Herb Guard products and keep it fresh and discreet.