Learn all about the founder and her incredible heatless haircare brand!

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It’s time to meet your hair’s new BFF- HBW High Society.

Founded by Brittany Johnson, the brand specializes in creating products that give you gorgeous waves the easy, heatless way. Today, HOLR is chatting with Brittany to discuss the brand’s beginnings and how her signature silky-waving ribbon gives consumers super glam waves- all without the heat, damage, or hassle.

Keep reading to learn all about Brittany’s journey and why you need to add HBW High Society products into your hair care routine ASAP.

Tell us about yourself and how you founded the HBW High Society brand and products.
My name is Brittany Johnson and I’m the founder and creator of HBW High Society. I am a writer, actor, and hair model, and during the pandemic, I was looking for a way to channel my love of healthy, gorgeous hair into a passion project that ultimately wound up becoming the HBW brand. I had seen the TikTok sock curl trend and knew this was something that had merit but could be improved upon. Jumping off that idea and running with the heatless and healthy hair angle, HBW was born.

Since its inception, HBW High Society has turned into a thriving community of women who care about healthy hair, are conscious of the brands they support, and want to spend their time wisely. Our HBW Kit is really our OG and where it all started. After the kit took off, we had many requests for our Signature Pearl clip, which is part of the kit to be sold on its own, and when our community speaks, we always listen.

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What can we find in the HBW High Society Kit and what are some tips we can take away for application?
The HBW Kit is our top-selling product, and really what the brand was founded on. The kit contains one black silky waving cushion (Fun fact – we work with local seamstresses so not only is our company founded and run by women, but also hand made by women!) with ribbon ties for easy wearing, one Signature pearl hair clip, two black silky scrunchies and an instruction card with tips and tricks and a QR code for an easy video tutorial.

Since everyone’s hair is different, we recommend playing around with how you wrap your hair. Generally, if you would like a tighter curl, you will wrap your hair tighter around the cushion, or looser for a looser, more “blow out” look. Once you get the hang of your desired look and wrap, you can wrap your hair within minutes and secure it on either side with the scrunchies. The ribbons allow you to tie the waving cushion back, and many women in our community enjoy wearing their hair like this for parts of the day or find it comfortable enough to sleep on at night. We find most women’s hair benefits from some light hairspray during the wrapping process, and the removal process, for some extra hold.

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Why is removing heat from our hair care routine so important?
Between hair dye, hair ties, heated tools, and everything in between, women’s hair seem to accumulate damage at every turn. We don’t believe in saying “never” use heat on your hair, but definitely, we wanted to create an option that was quick, easy, and as damage-free as possible – which, in our case meant “no heat”. Repeated use of heat can strip hair of moisture (hello frizz) and damage the cuticle, something that cannot be undone, it really can only be cut out and new, healthier hair, regrown.

What other products can we shop from the brand and where can we purchase from?
HBW High Society only carries a small selection of curated products, staying true to what our community loves is very important to us. You can shop our famous HBW Kit, Signature pearl Clip, and XXL Scrunchies on our website. We ship within Canada and the US and plan on broadening our shipping horizons very soon.

What does the future hold for HBW High Society?
Serving our community is really what comes first for us at the brand. So really listening to what women want and their hair needs will never steer us wrong. We will continue to grow the HBW High Society community, and look forward to expanding the brand on a global scale in the coming years.

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