Your beard is like your very own pocket-sized personal oasis. It’s not only soft, but it’s also well-groomed and the envy of men everywhere. But don’t become too complacent about growing one; if you want your beard to be gorgeous best you’ll need to take care of it regularly with these simple tips.

Get The Right Tools For The Job

You’ll need to use a beard trimmer to maintain your beard’s shape and size. However, this must be used with care as it can easily over-trim your beard and lead to bald patches in the process. Always switch on the device and then place it against your skin to check if it’s too close before you start trimming your beard. You will find that some models have multiple settings so experiment with them until you find the right one for your specific type of hair. In addition, always get rid of any hair from the trimmer head after every use by running it under hot water while brushing away any hair that is still there at regular intervals or when going to use it next.

Find The Right Products

It might be tempting to just use shampoo or conditioner to clean your beard, but you’ll probably find that it won’t give the same effect as beard oil. It is very important to find the formula that your beard will love. Your beard deserves to come first, so make sure it gets all of its essential nutrients to keep growing strong. Once you’ve found the right beard kit brand for yourself, stick with what works! Straying can result in dryness or even worse fizzled-out hair.

Groom And Trim The Stash

No matter how good your beard looks, you must first remove all the stray hairs. The easiest way to do this is by combing it down towards your chin and shaving the hair below the jawline. A lighter touch should be applied around your mustache area as some of this hair is almost impossible to shave off completely.

Longer strands of hair can be found growing on your cheeks, neckline, or around your ears. These can look unkempt and spoil the overall appeal of a well-groomed beard so keep trimming them regularly with shears. If they’re still visible after that then rub some baby powder onto them before brushing it away with a stiff-bristled brush.

Shampoo Twice A Week

Most men only wash their beards once a week, but you must give your beard an additional wash at least twice a week—especially if you live in a city where pollution can damage facial hair. Make sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo so the natural oils of your skin aren’t stripped away. You can also leave some of your normal shampoo or soap on for two minutes before rinsing off so the zinc has time to work its magic against dandruff and other irritants that might affect your skin as well as your beard.

Condition Up

The beard oil you’re now applying is also a good opportunity to condition the beard with some beard balm. Before bedtime, put beard oil on your fingers and massage it into the beard roots as well as the tips of your beard – this will help your beard grow faster and reduce itchiness. Then use a bit more beard oil on a beard brush to spread down through the length of your beard so that every hair gets its share of conditioning goodness. But don’t go too mad with it – otherwise, you’ll end up with an unmanageable mess on your hands!

Oil The Right Way

A lot of guys think that putting lots and lots of beard oil is how they can get their beard tip-top condition; what they don’t realize is that this actually strips the hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. Not to mention looking greasy! Try using two or three drops of oil for your beard at any one time, massaging it in until every hair has been coated – if you need more, use more sparingly. Another way to avoid looking like you poured it on, is by putting the oil directly onto your hands rather than the beard itself.

Moisturize The Stash

If you want to keep your skin healthy underneath all that fur on your face, try applying some moisturizer after a wash or under some light steam. This will help the pores on your face stay clean and clear of dirt particles which can cause acne breakouts on sensitive skin areas around the chin and neck area. Also,  moisturizing under your beard will help you avoid a flaky winter’s morning face and the dreaded beardruff that comes with it.

Whether it’s growing out your beard for the first time or maintaining it from month to month, sometimes it can feel like a long and arduous task – but don’t give up hope! You may have to try a few different products before you find what works best on your skin type and it might take some time but with these tips in mind,  you should be the proud owner of the most magnificent beard in no time at all. 

Published on Holr Magazine