Jessica Jewelry is a Canadian/Toronto-based jewellery brand by Jessica, a stay-at-home mom turned jewellery entrepreneur. 

We chatted with Jessica and asked her about her adventure so far as a jewellery maker, a businesswoman, and which pieces she recommends for this upcoming Mothers’ day. 

What made you want to start making jewellery, especially jewellery that is hand-crafted and custom-made to order?

I have a unique family background—and therefore a deep passion—for jewellery. The business started more so out of an opportunity to extend my connections to friends by designing custom jewellery pieces, first as favours and then as a small business.

With an eye for fine craftsmanship, I knew I wanted my pieces to truly stand out in terms of their quality and keep each piece one of a kind. For that reason, all of our bridal and custom designs are made to order and each is made by hand. For my website, many of our pieces are made-to-order to offer the option to personalize and tweak the pieces to be perfect for the person wearing them. Fine jewellery is forever, and for a lot of people, it’s an investment. So we want to be sure it really is right for our clients.

I collaborate with an amazing team of goldsmiths, diamond setters and metal casters! These individuals have decades of experience, behind the bench, working with precious metals and stones, and creating the most incredible, unique products for

As a parent, and a jewellery maker what are some of the best items that moms love seeing on Mother’s day?

Our best-selling items are always our personalized initial pieces. Moms, grandmas, and other parent or guardian figures love the sentiment behind them and are so touched by the idea of wearing their loved ones’ names and initials. I personally love incorporating charms and more subtle hints to the children’s personalities and interests. I like using birthstones, either in a bracelet or a stacking ring, because I like the subtle pop of colour that also adds meaning to a piece. Obviously, my favourite projects require custom designs, and I love working one on one with clients to make them a really special Mother’s Day piece.

Going from a full-time mom with a side-hustle to a full-functioning business, what is it like to manage such a fast-growing business, especially in jewellery?

It is really hard!

Honestly, sometimes I feel like I’m in over my head with two really little kids who require my full attention as well as a growing business. While I am fortunate to have flexibility which allows me to spend time with my kids during the day, it is also really hard to devote my full attention to the business. Being in two places at once, mentally and physically, is challenging. The mental load of motherhood is a real thing. Add in the complexity of the industry itself, and it gets extra complicated! I’m working with people’s most precious pieces – their gold and diamonds – and it is a huge responsibility. I don’t take it lightly but one thing that has changed as my role as a mom has evolved is that I don’t hide my situation and I set expectations. I give myself more time to work on each client’s projects and add more buffer time to my custom work to ensure I have extra time to review everything and check the quality standards.

People do understand, but it is hard to be ambitious at work and hands-on at home at the same time.

What have been, or still are some of the most popular items you make/sell not only for mothers day but for everyday wear?

Our hoops are by far the most coveted items on our website. People buy those every day, at all times of the year. For something a little more special, our Perfect Diamond Huggies are the next most popular pair of earrings which are definitely a daily staple. I personally like my diamonds a bit bigger, so I love the Single Prong Diamond Huggies, even for a casual outfit.

Gift Ideas from Jessica Herself:

Jessica Jewellery

For the Sentimental Parent: Add their kids’ initials to the gorgeous Asymmetrical Initial Necklace ($198) or Birthstone and Initial Necklace ($275). For a smaller budget (under $100), throw a Gold or Script initial charm in with your card.

Jessica Jewellery

For the Glamourous Guardian: The Gold Herringbone Bracelet ($378) is timeless and elegant, just like mom! It can be dressed up or down, and worn with just about anything.

Jessica Jewellery

For the Modern Matriarch: Huggies are a subtle way to add a little spice to any look. Try the Bead and Diamond Huggies ($398) or Twisted Gold Huggies ($198) for elevated, effortless style.

Article published by HOLR Magazine