Ontario is Canada’s second-largest province with a high population and more than one million square kilometres endowed with natural resources including wildlife, forest, water, lakes and beautiful architectural buildings.

As we are still in the spirit of summer, Let’s take advantage of some of these amazing spots in Toronto,  Ontario to take beautiful fashionable pictures without the need for a filter, enjoy the view and have a good time.

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Nathan Philip Square, City Hall and Old City Hall:

Nathan Phillips Square is at the centre of the city of Toronto. It is a perfect and beautiful view throughout the year. Ski skating is available on the lake in the winter, and there is a bright Toronto light sign that has been installed in recent years. For a good perspective of the Old City Hall, it is good to go up the steps to the upper platform which is directly opposite the Old City Hall across from the pond. With the right outfit and the right background, you are picture-ready.

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Scarborough Bluffs:

This place is also known as The Bluffs, which has nine parks around it. Compared to other beaches, it is shallower, and it is not rocky. It is one of the best alternatives for swimmers who are not comfortable swimming in lakes. Besides taking pictures, you may also go fishing, paddleboarding, and swimming. You may explore the area by visiting cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, and museums.


Toronto Islands:

Most of the classic Toronto Skyline Shots are from the Toronto Islands, and a visit to the city wouldn’t be complete without you heading there. I recommend heading here before sunset and staying until after the blue hour. When you see the skyline from this perspective for the first time you’ll feel in awe. The ferry goes to three points and the best photo positions are from Ward’s Island and Centre Island. The ferry leaves from Jack Layton Ferry Terminal which you’ll find at the bottom of Bay Street. The closest Station is Union. It is certain that with this background, you’ll capture a great city skyline moment. With CN Tower in the most perfect setting, you can truly show off Toronto’s beauty.


Sugar Beach: 

From the pastel pink umbrellas and the warm sand to the chunks of the Canadian shield, there are lots of photo opportunities. This beach getaway is located right in the heart of the downtown core.

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Algonquin Provincal Park:

It is one of Ontario’s natural treasures due to the abundance of hills, lakes, and rocky ridges. If you are into nature photography, you may be enticed by the park’s picture-perfect sceneries. Having these fantastic sites could be an excellent opportunity for you to take colourful fashion pictures. Algonquin Park is not only a beautiful setting for photography, but it is also an ideal place for camping. You can attend educational seminars about wildlife, go moose viewing and trout fishing, hike in one of the 14 trails or visit art centres and museums.

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