When the girls are all free, there is no better weekend than a weekend away from work, our significant others and any stress-related issues. If you’re living in Ontario, or close by, there are many hotels in and around the city of Toronto or Montreal that are the perfect spot

Some of the best getaways don’t need to be in places that take hours to get to or even a flight away. In Toronto and the greater Toronto area, there are a few of the cutest, and funniest hotels to stay at with your girls for a weekend getaway. 

Prince of Wales

The first place just outside of Toronto will be in wine country. The Niagara region is known for its great wines, its beautiful scenery and its antique feel. One of the most iconic hotels in Niagara-On-The-Lake is the Prince of Wales hotel. This Victorian hotel not only is the perfect fit for an upscale girls’ weekend, but it is in the heart of Niagara-On-The-Lake. The hotel has much to offer including a Secret Garden spa, a pool and a whirlpool, and best of all is almost walking distance to wineries including Jackson Triggs.

CN Traveller

Moving closer to the city, many hotels in Toronto are not what you expect. Hotels used to only be known as a place for resting, during or on your journey to your final destination. Now, a lot of hotels have transitioned into place to do everything, not only sleeping but entertainment, eating and basking in the arts and culture that the city has to offer. The Drake Hotel has been a landmark for Toronto, not only recognizable from its name, but its art-filled hotel rooms, its dining choices and its event centre that has had over 200 artists a year come on stage and entertain city-goers and travellers alike. 

Hotel Nelligan

Another place to visit if coming to Canada can be places like Montreal in Quebec. If you’re flying in or driving from Toronto, a stay at a luxury hotel can be a fun way to explore its Victorian culture. Hotel Nelligan Montreal gives you cozy yet chic vibes, that fulfill your french culture experience without having to fly to France. This aesthetically pleasing hotel offers a luxurious experience including Versus Bistro or gets your drink on at the Terrassee Neligan. 

Each place can be a great weekend getaway for you and the girls, whether it’s just to ‘get away’ or for a celebration like a birthday or bridal shower, all these hotels are the perfect place to have fun and make memories.