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Charlotte Tilbury is a leading brand in the makeup and skincare industry. Today, HOLR had the pleasure of sitting down with Sofia Tilbury, who is a highly regarded celebrity makeup artist and niece to the icon herself, Charlotte Tilbury, to chat through the latest makeup and skincare from the brand’s current lineup. As a brand ambassador and product and content creator, Sofia has all the glow secrets and first-hand knowledge of what’s new and what’s now. Get ready to dive into the latest must-haves from Charlotte Tilbury as we discuss everything skincare and makeup-related – from tackling maskne to the brand’s most coveted products that will leave you looking radiant and glowing. Keep reading to get all the details from Sofia, herself!

What inspired the development and launch of the Eyes to Mesmerise in PT and WONS?

I think people are always surprised by how hands-on I am with product development. When we are creating a new product, I work with the team to trial new textures, find the perfect shades that work for every skin tone and test every look on models of all ages and skin types!

For this launch, we wanted to unite the award-winning world of Pillow Talk, the lucky beauty filter magic of Walk Of No Shame and Charlotte’s best-selling Eyes to Mesmerise formula. Charlotte is the Queen of Glow! We are both obsessed with sharing our glow secrets and giving everyone glowing eyes! For years, Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow pots have been our red-carpet quick trick to transform eyes into their widest and brightest!

Pillow Talk and Walk of No Shame are iconic shades that everyone needs in their makeup bag!


WALK OF NO SHAME is the celebrity-loved EMPOWERING, RUSSET-RED SHADE that looks good on EVERYONE!

If you love Pillow Talk or Walk Of No Shame, you will love them in these lustrous cream eyeshadow textures! They give incredible colour-pay off and make your eyes look instantly more mesmerising!

What are the key effective ingredients in Eyes to Mesmerise?

Charlotte always loves a magic matrix of ingredients! We work with the best labs in the world and our in-house product development team to innovate the most incredible formulas with high-performance ingredients. I call Eyes to Mesmerise ‘miracle pots’, they are infused with water to give a cooling effect on tired eyes, as well as lustrous polymers that give a soft-focussing effect that plays with the light beautifully!

What sort of benefits/ results can people expect from using Eyes to Mesmerise?

Now is the time to make eyes the focus, especially now we’re all wearing masks! Eyes to Mesmerise has the most amazing glow-glide texture that is so quick and easy to apply! IT’S THE BEAUTY SECRET TO EYES TO MESMERISE IN SECONDS!

What I love most is that you can really blend and build the look, from a light wash of colour to a dialled up smokey eye. My trick is to make eyes look wider and brighter by running Eyes to Mesmerise underneath the lash line with a Smudger Brush, then finish with lashings and lashings of Pillow Talk Push-Up Lashes! mascara to complete the mesmerising, dreamy eye look.

Can you tell me a little more about the Magic Trilogy refills?

Charlotte is obsessed with skincare! Her very first product was her Magic Cream moisturiser, which became world famous because she used to mix it backstage at fashion shows to transform the look of models’ tired, dull skin. It’s an instant turnaround cream for glowing, hydrated skin! If I don’t use Magic Cream for 3 days, I feel like I haven’t had water for 3 days!

To give everyone gorgeous, glowing skin, Charlotte created her magic skincare trilogy—with the award-winning Magic Eye Rescue and Magic Night Cream—to work in unison with each other, supporting the skin day and night. It’s the ultimate transformative trio for 24 hours of magic skin!

As part of our journey to ensure we are a sustainable business, we are replacing the magic trilogy plastic packaging with refillable, recyclable glass packaging and new magic refills! Charlotte created these easy-to-use magic refill capsules to lock sleekly into your glass magic moisturiser jars, so everyone, everywhere can maintain their magic skincare routine forever, while still caring for the environment.

You also can now personalise your magic trilogy jars on with magic engraving – so many of my girlfriends are begging me for these!!!

With a lot of people experiencing ‘Maskne’, what CT products would you recommend for sensitive skin prone to breakouts?

There are a few EASY steps to help – namely to regularly wash and change your mask, and to use research-powered skincare that helps to PREVENT and to COMBAT maskne! Charlotte’s award-winning Magic Serum Crystal Elixir has high-performance ingredients like Niacinamide – to regulate oil production and shrink pores. I call it bootcamp for your pores!

I also love to start my day with a clay mask! Clay Masks visibly smooth and tighten the appearance of pores for skin that feels hydrated and baby soft. Charlotte’s Goddess Skin Clay mask has a mix of Spanish Clay and Sweet Almond Oil – the perfect balance of refining, purifying clay and oils to reveal your dewy goddess glow!

Before I put on my mask, I always like to glide the finely-milled Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder around my nose, cheeks and mouth, misting setting spray over the top to hold everything in place. I am loving Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray – everyone needs this for summer! It weightlessly holds everything in place and helps stop your makeup from melting, creasing or transferring, and it smells incredible too!

Magic Away concealer has the most amazing stretch and coverage, you can use it to disguise any maskne – it conceals imperfections. It’s like the magic wand of makeup!

What combination of CT products do you find to be most effective to use in the summer months?

Charlotte’s Airbrush family is all about flawless, poreless looking skin! Airbrush Flawless Foundation is where makeup magic meets skincare science – it’s enriched with high-performance skincare ingredients, like youth-boosting REPLEXIUM®, for instant and long-term effects! The stay-all-day formula will make your skin look poreless and airbrushed even in the high heat of summer! It also contains the perfect ingredient for summer, – AIRCOOL – which gives a FRESH FEEL ON THE SKIN! It contains menthol to create a gentle, refreshing cooling sensation! I am obsessed!

I always apply Charlotte’s award-winning, best-selling Aibrush Flawless Finish powder along the T-Zone to prevent any shine, leaving the high points of the face glowy and free of powder. It is blended with Rose Wax and Almond Oil so it actually hydrates your skin while you wear it. Everywhere I go, makeup artists RAVE about it! It’s the one product I always slip into a celebrity’s clutch bag before a red carpet event.

People have gone crazy for Charlotte’s Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray since it launched!! I like to mist it all over my face before and after makeup to prime and set my makeup for up to 16-hours! It weightlessly holds everything in place, is totally alcohol free and helps stop your makeup from melting, creasing or transferring, and it smells incredible too! It’s like a day at the spa.

One of my favourite products for summer is bronzer! I use Airbrush Bronzer to create a look of all-over sun-kissed warmth, applying it over my cheeks, nose and forehead—wherever the sun naturally hits you!! You can even apply it down your arms and onto your chest for a warmer, tan-toned look! It’s infused with hydrating Hyaluronic acid to give you the most gorgeous healthy-looking glow.

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