Learn all about how the BITE Beauty Lip Lab works and its latest service, the “My Lips but Better” experience!

The BITE Beauty Lip Lab is a must-try experience for anyone who loves makeup and has dreamed of creating their own perfect lip shade! HOLR is sitting down to chat with BITE Beauty Lip Lab colour artist and store manager, Christina Del Percio, to talk about the exclusive experience, why BITE Beauty products are so unique, and the brand’s latest “My Lips but Better” service that just launched online and in-store at the Queen St. West location.

How does the BITE Beauty Lip Lab work and what can we expect during our experience? 

At Lip Lab, our guests sit with a color expert to find their perfect shade. We have 30+ pigments available to use and can make an infinite array of shades (we’ve calculated over 40k!) The color expert will mix a shade based on what the guest is looking for, keeping their particular features in mind, and the guest can try on the shade & give feedback on what they want changed. Once the shade is chosen, guests can choose the finish, flavor, and name to engrave on the lipstick cap. The color experts then manufacture the lipstick right in front of the guest! 

What makes BITE Beauty lip products so unique? 

Everything about Lip Lab’s products are unique because they’re customized by the guest! Guests can choose the shade, finish, flavor, and name to engrave on the cap. Another great thing is that we keep all guest formulas on file, so you can get it again once your run out. 

What are some of the most popular shades clients love to create at the BITE Beauty Lip Lab? 

While our guests love to create all kinds of shades, nudes and reds are most popular. They can be very difficult to find in store, so guests are really drawn to our ability to make shades for precisely their features. 

Tell us about the latest “My Lips but Better” service now available at the BITE Beauty Lip Lab (online or in-store). 

We are really excited about the recently launched “My Natural Best” service at Lip Lab because it is all about enhancing the natural lip color our guests already have. We start by choosing a pigment close to the guest’s natural lip color, then add a little bit of pink, mauve, or peach to give their lips just a touch of pop. “My Natural Best” can work with any makeup look, and outfit. It’s perfect for both makeup-lovers, and those just getting into lipstick. 

How can we schedule an appointment at the BITE Beauty Lip Lab or sign up for the “My Lips but Better” service that just recently launched? 

We would love to see you in our Lip Labs, or via our Lip Lab at Home service! You can make a reservation at www.liplabboutique.com for any of our locations. 

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