HOLR is chatting with Citytv’s Breakfast Television’s new co-host, Meredith Shaw!

Meredith Shaw

Meredith Shaw, new co-host on Citytv’s Breakfast Television and inclusivity advocate, is sitting down to chat with HOLR about everything from her morning beauty routine to her go-to tips for feeling confident on-screen. In her new role as co-host of a morning TV show, Meredith is giving HOLR the inside scoop about her “dream gig” and what she loves most about BT. Plus, she shares her take on the importance of representation and dressing different body types.
Keep reading to learn all about Meredith- from how she got started in the industry to what’s next for her- during our full interview, below!

Talk to us about your career path and what it has been like going from music to modeling to TV.

I was about to say my career path hasn’t exactly been conventional but to be honest I don’t really know what a ‘conventional’ career path looks like anymore – I think you say yes and follow what you love. If you follow your passion and stay open I think life will put things in your way – good things, tough things but all the things you need to work through to get in alignment with your true purpose. My evolution has a slow burn, a long game and I’m grateful for it bc everything i learned in music and modeling I put into my broadcasting career and it’s those experiences that set you apart.
Meredith Shaw

As the new co-host on Citytv’s Breakfast Television, can you give us the inside scoop about what it’s like working on a morning TV show?

It’s the best, truly this is my dream gig. When that alarm goes off in the morning I’m excited to get up and go make a TV show with the best team in the business. We have so much fun, and have such a special relationship with our audience – this is THEIR show. What I love about BT is its honesty, sense of humor, and commitment to diverse voices & stories that don’t always get the light.
Meredith Shaw

What does your morning beauty routine look like? Do you have any skincare or makeup faves that you love to use to help you get TV-ready?

I stay super hydrated – electrolytes are the first thing that hit my system in the morning, then coffee. I never leave the house without my Pixi eye masks on or my Lumify eye drops. When you’re in and out of TV makeup 5 days a week your eyes get sensitive and those 2 products are my go-to. I love IT cosmetics Confidence Cream and my MIFA Eucalyptus Mood Mist is a must spritz in those early hours for an immediate BOOST (I keep one in my car and one at my desk!)
Meredith Shaw

What are some of your go-to tips for looking and feeling super confident on-screen? 

It’s all about being yourself. I know we’ve all heard it before but confidence comes from being super okay with who you are, trusting that you are enough, and owning it with a sense of humor. I always say it’s the hardest easiest thing to do – hard to chip away at but once you’re THERE, being yourself is actually the EASIEST way to show up in the world.

As an inclusivity advocate, talk to us about the importance of representation and dressing different body types. 

If you don’t see it you can’t be it. period. So representation is so so important bc it inspires and allows others to feel seen and therefore ready to step into their own possibility. I firmly believe that style is access to the possibility of who you are – it’s not really about the clothes for me, it’s about the life we live IN the clothes. So make the size, shoot the campaign on a bigger body, and put the sizes in store, style has no size – fashion is for everyBODY.
Meredith Shaw

Since you always look super stylish, what are some of your favorite must-have pieces that you recommend everyone add to their wardrobe?

Well, first of all, thank you, that’s very kind. I’m definitely a dress girl – they are so easy to wear dressed up and or down and if you can just put ONE thing on and be done?? genius. I also get so much use out of my Moto jacket (love the vegan leather option on offer from EverNew). I have fallen in love with the fit of Tanya Taylor – anything she designs I’m an automatic *add to cart* and most recently I found my go-to plus size trousers from Spanx! who knew? but they are so comfortable, come in 3 lengths, and have that perfect wide-leg menswear look.

What are your personal goals for 2024?

2024! Are we there already?? Time is flying. Hmmmm, I’m really grateful to be doing a job I absolutely adore so I want to keep digging deeper into that role, finding ways to tell even more stories and shine an even brighter light and then, I can’t say much yet but if you like my style, I will have some good news coming your way next year. I’ve said too much! And finally, I can’t wait to marry the love of my life, Rodney Bowers!
Meredith Shaw
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